Marketing to a Proven Formula: Podcast Ep #198

What do you do when you notice what everyone else is doing in marketing but you don’t it? One of our regular and most loyal listeners offered us this challenge for the focus of today’s show:

“I’ve begun to notice that the majority of ads that get presented to me on YT are people talking all about how crap their life was, how they woke up after watching an ad “just like this one” and now have a life of financial and time freedom and are so happy in x,y, and z with bells on, and “if you sign up for our 7 part video series by mentor” you too can feel as amazing as I do right now (or words like that…).

So, what I am wanting your opinion on please is what is behind this; is it simply affiliate marketing where they get paid for each sign up or follow-up sale? The one I’ve just watched is for Six Figure Mentors but I have come across other names. What I have also noticed is they all have the same format for the landing page with 3 testimonials saying how great the info is and how is has changed their life.

Do they do this for each other? Or am I being a total sceptic who needs to get out more?”

Nicola and I each have our own observations to share. Mine is to not get hung up on that and waste energy resisting it. Get on and do it your own way instead. Pronto. We know it works but there’s no need for us to do it like that and follow their formula unless we want to, just as we decided previously about sales letters. Move on and find your own way that works. Focus on what you can fix, not on what you can’t.

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In other news, Nicola has been out and about with her brother Alex and sister Sarah. It was her birthday and Alex planned a celebratory trip which they had to re-schedule due to a “medicane” which is the Mediterranean equivalent of a hurricane. With the exception of one night in a dodgy hotel room, all went smoothly and enjoyably. Sarah and she have even learned this week how to take salt cod and turn it into something plump and delicious. It is all down to how many times you wash it through changes of water across three days.

I tell Nicola the latest in my housesitting adventures and how I am mildly surprised at how easily a homeowner will part with everything they hold dear (their home, their beloved pet) and pass it over to my care and control and then scarper on their holidays.

Nicola notices that she prefers to listen to talk radio, audio and podcasts around the house which is strange given that she used to be in the music industry. She explains something complex I didn’t fully understand about losing the podcast app on her phone and having to reinstall it, and how much room podcasts take p if you download them or something like that. But I think she’s on the way to a fix.

I tell her something I noticed when I was meeting the couple who want me to look after their home for nearly six months across the winter, something about my own behaviour where I was rather too honest and could, instead, simply have smiled and said thank you (like a Nice Girl):

  1. They are leaving me their Oyster card so I can go on buses and trains. No thanks. I never use public transport.
  2. They showed me how to use their TV and proudly announced it had Netflix etc. Not only do I not understand how TVs work because I haven’t had one since 1997, but I have Netflix on all my gadgets I am fully mobile and set up to be self-sufficient. Who knows what all those buttons do on a remote control device?
  3. I’d be better off working upstairs in the office so that my internet connection can be wired. No thanks, not only am I wifi only but neither of my portable gadgets has a hole in it where they can be wired!
  4. There are corner shops and a local Tesco. No thanks, Ocado deliver once a week.
  5. And restaurants – pizza, pasta, Indian. No thanks, I am 100% low carb and can’t eat any of those foods.
  6. There are lovely parks at the end of the road, their street is actually named after one of them. No thanks, what with my dodgy knees I can’t walk for pleasure only with pain, see buses and trains above.

I was obliged to face up to the fact that I must come across as a bit of a weirdo and I make a mental note to Stop It Immediately.

Our Words of the Week are Relax (hers) and Trust (mine).

In Project Updates, Nicola updates us on three or four of hers and I ask her to fill us in on how to contribute to our upcoming 200th show which is recording on 18th October 2018. Here’s the answer:

If you love our show, we want you on that one. We want your little audio snippets just like an all-request radio show. All you have to do is use the Speakpipe app on Nicola’s own contact page. I’ve just been to check it out and it is a mustardy yellow button inviting you to Leave A Voicemail. If you love our show (and we know you do), we’d love to have you support us in this way and show us some love to celebrate our 200th milestone.

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Leave your name and URL or do it anonymously, as you prefer.

I am impressed by six or seven of my clients this week and leave anonymous shout-outs for them all. Nicola is impressed by how she and her family managed to all three of them share a house for a while. They don’t know Alex very well, there were joys and challenges through all of which they kept talking, confronting issues, holding their boundaries and being calm, firm and assertive. I am impressed by this too.


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