Marmite, High Energy, Top Systems and Travelling with Kids

Michelle DaleAll of the speakers we have interviewed so far for Own It! The Summit – Beyond the Laptop Lifestyle – have inspired me in different ways, but the unique insights I got from Justin and Chaunna Brooke were about travelling the world with kids. Can you imagine how much more complicated that must be than just you and your laptop??

The Brookes are not alone in this. Ka Sundance also described himself as a father first, and a businessman second.

Chris Barrow is known for being Marmite and he tells us about being on TV in Bear Grylls’ The Island and how that’s inspired a new offshoot of his business.

And Michelle Dale, Virtual Miss Friday, is one of my favourites because she’s developed so many fabulous systems in her business she requires that her clients fall in with her, not the other way around. I loved hearing her say that. People pleasers take note. And now that I think about it, Michelle and her husband are also travelling with three children!

You can read the four blog posts I wrote up after interviewing these four here:

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Ka Sundance

Chris Barrow

Michelle Dale

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