Meals With Millionaires (2)

Last week I had lunch with Neil Asher.   Neil is a self-made, international multi-millionaire with seven businesses in five countries.   He looks like David Bowie and he looks considerably younger than me, so he must be doing something right.

Neil and I had never met before but we had enjoyed a few phone calls towards the end of last year.   He wanted some advice and one of my business partners put him in touch.   He turned out to be funny and charming and abundant.

He said and did a couple of things and I have his permission to share the first with you here.   I dont think he will mind if I share the second and third.

1. Firstly a rave testimonial (unsolicited I might add).   During lunch I was talking about plans for my new Inner Circle Club which I have already nicknamed Your Wealth Coach on Tap because it gives clients access to me on a pretty much daily basis with live chat and group calls and so on.   Neil said “that’s got to be worth £50,000 a year, surely?”

It was a vivid moment I shall remember forever in which my business plans took a quantum leap in that very second and my sense of who I am and those I serve was changed.   I suspect I shall never go back to the woman I was before lunch last Thursday.   I told him rather sheepishly I was thinking of charging £297 and he made me promise that I could only do that for the first 50 clients before doubling the price every fifty after that!.   Fair enough, Neil.

2.   I sent him a follow-up email, thanking him for buying me lunch at Carluccio’s and he replied saying – get this – “Judith I’d love to know your plans for 2010, let me know your top 10 wish list for the year and I’ll see if I can help you.”   I HAD to ask him was he truly wafted here from Paradise?

Then I had to drop everything I was doing and spend most of my business day finalising my goals for 2010 on a mindmap which I could then share with Neil.   And what a brilliant coaching question for when a man with that reach, that influence, asks for a list of your top 10 things you want so he can help you, its rude not to supply it really, isnt it?

It makes the few little favours I did him before Christmas pale into insignificance.

3.   And here’s my favourite bit.   He ended his email with this: “Again I’m wrapped that I’ve been able to spend some quality time with you and hope to develop a great friendship with you as time goes on. ”

I mean, Blimey, team!   I need to start lunching with self-made, international multi-millionaires a LOT more often.   What is that they say in all the personal development books with a financial twist about mixing with a Dream Team and that your income is some sort of average of the people you hang out with?

Whoever sent Neil Asher to me in the middle of the snow this early in 2010, thank you.   I am very grateful to have met this charming man who personifies abundance and gave me a mind-bending testimonial together with a great offer of his friendship and a fabulous coaching question I can use on you lot.

So, what’s your Top 10 Wish List for the year?   And I’ll see if I can help you.

Your Biz Your Way

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