More Measurable Marketing: Podcast Ep 154

Today’s podcast offers a challenge from a listener with a real-world business, an office cleaning franchise. And he reports success in his online marketing with SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (pay per click). He tells us his budget and lets us know he has more cash available for marketing, but given that what he’s done historically with radio advertising and signs on buses has been rather hit and miss, he asks for advice about effective measurable marketing.

We brainstormed lots of ideas for our client, about online marketing in a real-world business and even some offline ideas too, including targeting, tracking, brand management and Facebook Pages, even joining networking groups, and sponsoring the local football team. We have fun with this topic. There’s almost nothing we like discussing more than marketing except, perhaps, the psychology of self-employment.

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In other news, our words of the week are Bigger (mine) and Reconnection (hers). On Hurricane Ophelia Monday, as the sky darkened when I was doing my tax return (!), two clients talked to me in the afternoon about playing bigger and working bigger in their respective businesses, it became a bit of a theme of the early part of my week. And Nicola has an old friend staying, one who started out as a client and then became a friend.

Nicola’s marketing a workshop at Gatwick in what she calls the dead zone between Christmas and New Year, and she’s also been on the receiving end of a referral which is always gratifying. My inspiration comes from the successful author client who I really wanted to write the foreword for my book. He not only said yes with enthusiasm but said my voice is “distinctive, strong and funny”. Whilst I do not disbelieve him, I am sure he was also reassuring a relatively-fragile first time author showing her work for the first time to one who knows.

Still on the topic of my book, I am moving between proofreaders #2 and #3 at the time of recording this week’s show and report to Nicola what I’ve learned so far about Word formatting (I’m using Scrivener but it exports to Word), and that I write which when I mean that. Perhaps I will need to upgrade Grammarly to the pro version and switch it on before I start Book 2?

Nicola reports that the podcast is holding steady at #78 in the What’s Hot podcast charts at iTunes. We’d like to be much higher and if you enjoy our podcast, please share it with another small business owner you think might enjoy it too. That helps us so much to keep momentum and motivation, thank you. She’s also found an article from Jon Loomer about using FB Ads to market a podcast so she’s exploring that on our behalf.

Finally who or what’s impressed us this week? Nicola is impressed by the Virtual Midwife, Karen Wilmot, who’s joined her 12-week Be Everywhere Online challenge and is showing up and taking action. And I loved Paul Auster’s very long novel called 4321 which didnt win the Booker Prize despite my wanting it to very badly. You can’t always get what you want, it seems. But never mind, it’s a cracking read anyway.

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