Mental Health and Self-Care for Entrepreneurs: Podcast Ep 195

For the first time in 195 shows, I am stumped for answers as Nicola decides that mental health will be our topic of the week, and I realise I know little or nothing about the Black Dog, or insufficient to be of any value at any rate.

In our preparation for the show, we discuss Amy Winehouse, Steve Bartlett, Avicii, and Elon Musk and I have opinions to share about all of them, but no real answers.

Both Nicola and I have known very dark times as entrepreneurs but neither of us has struggled with the sort of darkness which leads to suicide and death. But it is clear that those in the public eye, and the music business in particular, have special challenges which so often lead to a sad and wasteful end and it seems that darkness and depression are very much a part of that at times, drugs too. Or perhaps the lack of the right ones, coupled with the right expertise and support.

What do you do to manage your own mental health? We have some ideas and share some resources but I am all too aware they do not really address the underlying issues of our topic.

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In other news, our Words of the Week are Re-Charge (hers) and Treasure (mine).

Our social news is that there’s a mystery man with a red t-shirt and a motorbike who is driving around Stoupa looking for Nicola. The end of the story turns out to be pragmatic instead of romantic but the mystery is eventually solved. And she’s anticipating the arrival of her brother, Alex, from Sydney.

I’m preparing to begin a series of housesits starting this week and I am prepped by a haircut, a pedicure and a full tank of gas. Have car, will housesit.

I am glad to have picked up the one or two members to complete the new September low carb group I was hoping for although one disappeared again on an ocean-going adventure as soon as she enquired about joining late on a Sunday night! Nicola is discovering a struggle in getting back into her routine with the weekly vzine and pondering other options for the front-end of her marketing funnel.

I take that opportunity to let her know that I am giving up (for a while) the creation of the weekly video which goes with our show as I’ve discovered no-one’s watching or sharing them so that makes it a double waste of marketing time. We both have our joint and separate marketing under review it seems.

Nicola’s work with her two Done4You clients is proceeding at a goodly pace with both being productive when it comes to giving her the video content she needs to do her bit of their projects. And she’s excited about Thrive Themes, Thrive Leads, Thrive Timers and Thrive Quizzes!

In turn, I am struggling with finding the best way to help some of my more low carb challenging clients. But this only serves to make my work interesting as I try to help them find their own solutions. Finally, I am delighted to be able to share with Nicola the story of the Land’s End apostrophe although she is significantly less excited by this than me!

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