Make Up Your Mind to Change Your Mind

Change Your MindI was invited to be the special guest on a webinar about Abundance and Flow. We asked attendees to send in their questions about practical money issues in advance, along with their questions about mindset. The money ones we whizzed through but the mindset ones were more challenging. I set the tone by warning I might be dispensing some Tough Love.

Here’s the sort of thing we were looking at:

  • I have a block about spending money on things just for pleasure. Not objects, but experiences. How do I change that?
  • What do I do with my belief that money is something scary and rare? There’s never enough even though I don’t spend much.
  • How do I keep myself in a mindset of abundance and prosperity?
  • How do I stop my own blocks?
  • How do I lift my mindset from one of worry about money to one of ease and certainty?

There were tons of questions, all variations on the theme of “how do I change my mind?”

Somewhere along the line we have picked up thoughts and mental habits which no longer serve us. Maybe we were brought up by (or have come into contact with) people who care about us enough to program us with the out-dated ideas of scarcity they were brought up with. They want to keep us safe, we are their loved ones. They err on the side of caution out of protective love for us. And consequently our reality becomes theirs, one of struggle.

My grand-parents’ formative years were during the First World War and my parents’ during the Second World War, when there was rationing. When I was a child it was all about the starving babies in Africa. My generation inherited habits involving saving butter papers and hoarding string and brown paper and recycling hand-me-down clothes.

If you look back over your life you will be able to see that the beliefs you hold, which you inherited, were designed to serve you well in times of scarcity but have, perhaps, kept you in scarcity where you focus only or mainly on lack and saving for rainy days – and so you manifest precisely that.

After a while, as all these questions came thick and fast, I wanted to say in answer to all of them “Just change your mind!” We’ve made up our minds, albeit with years of conditioning, to believe something which isn’t supportive of the way we choose to live our lives now. And we can change our minds too. I want to say “we can change our minds too, just as easily”. But perhaps it isn’t easy? Or, who knows, maybe it is.

Our minds are not controlled by aliens. You control your mind and I control mine. And we can both decide what to believe and what to think and that’s all there is to it.

You can take the rest of your life to shed those beliefs and re-condition your mind, or you can pick a new set of beliefs today and adopt them overnight. It’s entirely up to you. You can do what you want with your mind and this is going to be precisely as easy or as hard as you decide it’s going to be, such is the power of your mind.

What we believe and decide to go on continuing to believe is creating our reality. So, with that in mind, what ideas and programming will you throw out and what will you replace them with?

Q: What can I do about my beliefs of lack and scarcity and my blocks to abundance? A: Change your mind.

Q: How do I adopt a new mindset? A: Change your mind.

The decision to change your mind can be made in this second. Make up your mind to change your mind. Choose a new set of beliefs and adopt them immediately and then practise your new beliefs each time you notice yourself slipping back into the old ones simply out of habit. The decision is instantaneous. The habit will need to be practised until such time as you have replaced all the old outdated beliefs with your shiny new ones and until they’ve taken root.

Practise makes perfect. Get an accountability partner who notices when you think or act in line with (or spout out) any of the old unexamined claptrap which is keeping you stuck in scarcity and you might decide this game will be fun. Use language beginning with I AM, like this:

  • I AM enjoying spending money on pleasurable experiences.
  • I AM deserving.
  • I AM free from all blocks about money.
  • I AM a new (wo)man.
  • I AM abundant. I AM prosperous.
  • I AM free to choose my own thoughts.
  • I AM choosing better thoughts every day.
  • I AM ease. I AM certainty.
  • I AM in charge of my own mind and my own thinking.
  • I AM the master of my own beliefs and of my own mind.
  • I AM awash with cash (oops, just slipped in one of my own favourites there!).

It’s easy to change your mind, it’s the decision of a moment. Then follow through with practising your new thoughts every day until you have a fabulous new mindset.

Change the way you see things and everything changes.

Make up your mind to change your mind.

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