Miracles: From Fear To Love with Gabrielle Bernstein

A lot of the people who contact me to ask for an opinion about their business or some money advice are fearful. It seems we are a nation of worriers and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t stop at our international borders.

If you are one of the fearful ones or a chronic worrier, I’d like to recommend a book to you called May Cause Miracles: A 6-Week Kick-Start To Unlimited Happiness by Gabrielle Bernstein as the first week is all about fears and how to rid yourself of them.

“I am committed to transforming my fears to love. I will open my heart and mind to love and I will let my intuition guide me. I welcome all the spiritual assignments that may come and I am ready, willing and able to smother my fears with the light of love. I choose to see love instead of fear.”

Your Biz Your Way

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