2015: My Year of Miracles – Miraculous Daily Reading

A Year of Miracles - Daily Devotions and ReflectionsHaving designated 2015 My Year of Miracles, I thought I’d update you with the miraculous daily reading resources I’m using to support me on this journey. All three of the books are connected to A Course in Miracles which means the God-averse might prefer to click away immediately. One day soon I shall stop apologising for that.

I’m sharing recent excerpts from all four books so you can see how they interconnect.

My first and most obvious choice was Marianne Williamson’s A Year of Miracles: Daily Devotions and Reflections. Here’s the entry for Day 73 which, according to my calculations, was Saturday 14th March:

My greatest power is the power to change my mind.

No matter what is happening, no one but me can determine what I choose to think. I can choose to believe in miracles. I can choose to have faith in the goodness of others regardless of how they express themselves.

By doing so, I develop the power of my spiritual mind. I develop the power to invoke the world I wish to see.  When I believe in people’s goodness, they are more likely to show me their goodness. When I believe in the possibility of miracles, I’m more likely to experience them. I will not be deterred today by the spiritual ignorance of the worldly mind.

May I see beyond the veil today, that I might invoke the miraculous. May I see beyond the probable, to what I know in my heart is possible. Today I will exercise the power of the spiritual mind. 

Next, because I thought it might be a useful guide to A Course in Miracles itself, I chose Holy Shift! 365 Daily Meditations from A Court in Miracles by Robert Holden who I know is nearly two decades into daily study of ACIM. Here again is Saturday’s meditation:

Your picture of the world can only mirror what is within.

The source of neither light nor darkness can be found without.

Grievances darken your mind, and you look out on a darkened world.

Forgiveness lifts the darkness, reasserts your will, and lets you look upon a world of light.

Workbook-p 1. Lesson 73. 5:1-4.

And finally the companion to both of the above looked likely to be Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow and Finding Your True Purpose. Here’s Saturday’s entry:

#73 Give Your Brain a Break

The concept of slowing down often seems alluring – but it can also be hard to do. Why? Simple. These days, everything moves so fast. Don’t get me wrong – living a fast-paced life isn’t a bad thing (and it’s somewhat unavoidable in a place like New York City). But running on high speed all the time can make you feel overwhelmed. You not only end up getting less done, you feel tense and anxious.

Paradoxically, the secret to getting more done is simply to slow down. I’m not saying you should renounce the world and meditate all day. But I am suggesting that you clear space to access your inner power. When you do that, time will seem to expand, and you’ll accomplish more. This principle will redirect your energy and help you heighten an inner sense of power to let your outer life grow, expand, and flow.

When there’s a lot on your mind, it’s hard to feel productive and at peace. My friend Michael Eisen taught me that a great way to enhance your energy and create more time in your day is to take regular brain breaks: mindful moments that let you clear your thoughts. Just step away from the computer and take a walk (and don’t bring your phone). These breaks will allow you to mentally shake it all off and gain a fresh start when you get back to your daily routine.

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I usually go to bed about 30 minutes earlier each evening so I can read all of these and reflect upon them at the end of each day, so that they might guide me to be a better person tomorrow and help me to find life to be even more miraculous. In conjunction with other spiritual work and reading I am doing, it’s working. What we focus on just a little each day adds up. I know these devotees of ACIM have been studying it for many years and I am just 76 days into my own study, but a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and I have taken 76 steps now with no plans to stop.

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