Mirroring Clients’ Comms Choices: Podcast Ep #159

On today’s radio show we have a real challenge from a listener, Chloe, who runs a business with her sister. They’ve noticed that increasingly their customers contact them via social media, Facebook message and various apps, rather than their preferred and rather more old skool email, phone and text. Chloe wonders what we think and to what extent we would advise mirroring clients’ communication choices.

I think we are both somewhat surprised to discover that we would recommend mirroring, both preferring a Facebook PM these days to an email, but I am all too well aware how this advice might change again very quickly if we were to be asked this question in another six or twelve months. For instance, we poo-pooh WhatsApp today, but will we in future? Nicola thinks we will as there are apparently tech challenges to using it on her phone. I’ve never used it, and Chloe doesn’t sound all that keen either.

I do remember being outraged a few years back when people started to interrupt my every thought with a Facebook message. Now I like it, maybe I even prefer it. Again I am reminded how much I love how fast everything moves and how quickly we adapt.

Listen here to episode 159 of Own It! the Podcast: Client Comms 21C

This focus fits very nicely with everything I am noticing about my week. How clients have been odd and idiosyncratic in their behaviour which is unusual because we are creatures of habit normally. How happy I am to be responsive to them and how I am feeling the vibe to be available to them more than ever in a bespoke way, i.e. creating something especially for them, as opposed to obliging them to squeeze into one of my boxes.

Consequently, I choose Bespoke as my word of the week and Nicola picks Editing because this week her Write Club have recorded their first ten shows of their new podcast which goes live on Audioboom in early December. Today’s is quite a writerly show as the focus of her week has been all about writers in recording those ten shows, and how she’s impressed by their stamina and joie de vivre. And John Parkin has delivered the Foreword for my book, 400 exquisite words… well worth the wait! This means I can get my book off to Matt the guy who is making it look wonderful for me. So it’s all go on the writing front for both of us.

I grovel about looking for a quote which is pertinent to what Nicola shares about what the members of her writers’ group say to her in regard to her dashing off a couple of stories first thing. This was given to me by my client Margaret Rode a few weeks back and I have had several opportunities to share it.

“I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.” W. Somerset Maugham

Conversation turns to what we find creative about doing our own social media content, and what we outsource. And this week I’ve done some very rare batching and scheduling of content for my Facebook page because I knew I had a full-on week. Nicola’s got new clients, two of mine are playing big, and we talk about someone who contacts you in preference to clicking a link. Does this raise a red flag?

I confess to having lost focus with my book while I wait for John to deliver the Foreword. And then he does, quite suddenly! And I go into fast action and pass the baton to Matt who is making the ebook look glorious. He took the news about using my cover well, he’s created the back cover to match (or possibly even mirror!) and it’s full speed ahead now so that I can get on with offering it to the public before the end of the month. I had lost my mojo, now I am reinvigorated and lying awake at nights with thoughts of sales and marketing for a book, something I’ve never down before. Will I use Gumroad or E-junkie and what tech help will I need?


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