Monday Morning Accountability With My Club 100

clubgraphicIts Monday morning again which ¬†means I attend Facebook live between 10 and 12 to help my Club 100 clients work out what they want to celebrate having achieved last week and what they intend to complete this coming week. I know its accountability which makes all the difference to my clients. Someone’s watching, someone cares and in Club 100 that’s not just me, that’s their virtual pals as well.

And we are not just virtual pals either, this coming Friday six of the Club 100 members are coming together in my garden shed for the first time since our Summer Party in August. And on Friday we are playing Rich Dad’s game Cashflow 101.

Clients are coming from as far afield as Cornwall, Scotland, Yorkshire and Cheshire as well as from London and closer to home. I’ve always had this theory with the Cashflow game, that the further you travel and the more you put yourself out, the more you get from the game. This goes way back until a certain someone, who shall remain nameless today, but she knows who she is, committed to coming to Canary Wharf to play with me for a series of games lasting the best part of a whole year, way back, if memory serves.

Accountability plus working in a team is a dynamite combo, especially for those of us who are self-employed and working mainly alone at home where it can get very isolating.

Do you have a mechanism for accountability? Who notices in your business if you achieve what you set out to? Who supports you as you struggle and grow and who celebrates your successes? It’s taken the best part of a year to get the A Team into the Club 100 and we have room for a few more, so you’d be very welcome. Commit now for 2014 and let’s get your show on the road!

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