Can You Monetise Your Life?

Easy Nope Worth It AbsolutelyWhen I grew up and eventually worked out what I wanted from my life, I realised (slowly) that I am an entrepreneur and that I wanted to build a business. So I went out and did that and I loved it and I learned all of the things I help my clients with now.

I did it first with twenty years in my own accounting business, then catering and travel, both somewhat shorter lived, then cleaning (ten years) and coaching (fifteen years and counting). I can take what I know now and apply it to any business, and so could you. And I’m still learning, we all are.

Because life has changed and continues to change all the time.

I’ve changed and so have you, my lovely lot. My clients don’t want to build a business so much any more. You want to monetise your life. You want to have fun and go on adventures and write it up or film it, draw a tribe to you and make money from that and from your variety of artistic endeavours. You want to have a lovely life making money doing what you feel passionate about, without killing off that passion. You are a polymath.

At first a question mark appeared above my head. WTF?

But I am a woman who believes it can be easy. It must be easy, otherwise we won’t do it. I don’t cleave to the old-fashioned hard work ways (although I also know they do work, obviously). If you want it easy, then I want it easy for you too.

Is that possible?

That’s the question I took to Episode 9 of Own It! The Podcast, with Nicola Cairncross, and if you want to hear what we agreed (and where we disagreed!) and how we think you might start to do this and how it could become your reality, then listen in – it’s free.

Episode 9 is a long one and about a year old now. Monetising your life is the second of two Client Challenges of the Week, somewhere in the middle. Well worth a listen.

And here’s another thing I’ve been coming to appreciate. Learning how to run a business is the easy bit. Any idiot can do it. The problems are all of your own making. They are the baggage you bring with you. They are what makes this tough for you and (accidentally) interesting, fascinating, thorny, stretching, perplexing and intriguing for me, helping you find solutions to your own “problems”.

You worry. You fret. You are short of time. You are very, very busy. Life is full. You won’t choose, you won’t focus, you are proud to be a Scanner. Either that or you waste all day faffing about on Facebook, without focus or clear direction. You have health challenges, relationship issues – and kids. You are skint so you want money fast. You won’t outsource, you are a procrastinator and a perfectionist. And impatient.

You struggle with imposter syndrome or lack of self-esteem, or both. No reason to, honest. You just do. It goes way back.

Your family, friends and other half are more or less supportive. Some of them (hush my mouth) secretly want you to fail and go back to a J.O.B. for their own bonkers reasons. No-one likes change.

You fear becoming a tall poppy so you self-sabotage and keep yourself small.

Perhaps your kids are leaving home, or you are getting divorced, your parents are preparing to shuffle off this mortal coil, and you hold it all together at home… when are you supposed to fit in running a business as well?

My clients have worked out something I already knew, that this is a hero’s journey. But also that you could have all these issues in a job and never have to deal with them.

The difference is that with your own one-woman/one-man business you must. And early too. You have to slay all these personal dragons to get to the prize. There’s no way round them. You have to identify them and peel each away, one at a time. They are blocks holding you back and impeding your progress.

And what emerges is the best of you, that bit I already see but which you don’t – yet. And yet you know she’s in there, don’t you? I know you do.

I love the hero stuff, me. I am not a hero. Not much and not often. But I was brave enough to build businesses before this personal growth and popular psychology stuff became prevalent and OK – even normal – to talk about out loud in polite society, that’s all. TBH I was driven. Don’t recommend that, exhausting.

I was broken too. I was trying to get my Dad to notice me. That didn’t work. I was terrified of failure. That did work for me, but it disables many others who these days are more afraid of success than failure.

I feel your pain. I know you. My businesses and my own personal hero’s journey healed me. Mostly.

These are all personal development issues and, again, times have changed. This is who we are now. Everyone’s dealing with their own s**t – self-doubt, lack of self-esteem, uncertainty, fear… and in my view that’s all rather better out than in.

Does this sound like you? Does your soul crave to monetise your life or run your own small business better, but you feel anxious about sharing your humanity? Don’t be anxious. We are all like this…human! Come on down and share the love in one of my two coaching/mentoring clubs, you’ll fit right in, honest. And we are a lot less weird than we sound.

Welcome to the New Normal. Welcome to the place where it’s safe (and exciting!) to start your own personal big reveal.

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