Monetizing Your Creativity for Entrepreneurs and Stars

calculate winningsI am a lucky business coach indeed that I am surrounded by so many creative people with so much quirky talent. It is a normal everyday occurrence that I meet people who have heads full of brilliant ideas but no idea how to monetize them, no plan, no strategy and a lot of confusion. Why is this lucky for me? Because they are lovely people to spend time with and I do know how to make money out of their ideas. Let give you an example of the typical conversations I have with clients.

These are the sorts of good things I find out about them in my initial SWOT-like audit and my reaction:

  • I am a Star – good, you already know your Wealth Dynamics profile
  • I have a (wonderful memorable) one-word (brand) name – like Madonna or Sting (#envy)
  • I already own that URL – good on you, brilliant, perfect for a Star
  • I have redundancy money – or some other way of supporting yourself while you build up your new business?
  • I have a long list of (marketable) skills and/or talents – which will help you in your new business
  • And a great CV – you are fleeing from although it has cred in it
  • I have boatloads of energy and bucketloads of enthusiasm – hooray, we’ll need that
  • I’ve got lots of good commercial ideas – but you don’t know which ones they are amongst that long list, do you?
  • I’m technically able – you can make videos or write or both and more even. Cool, this is going to be great
  • I already know people like my stuff – even though you haven’t been able to persuade them to pay for it

And these are the sorts of things they tell me which are liabilities, not assets, and my reaction again:

  • I am a Scanner – said proudly while I think “Oh God, no! Heaven help us!”
  • I have three joint ventures on the go right now – commitments to others you are probably going to have to let down
  • I have so many ideas – you are a creativity junkie then
  • I have +/- 50 people on my list – no-one hot to buy from you yet
  • Everyone wants to partner with me – I bet they do, so do I, your energy is infectious
  • I have no idea how to monetize my creativity – no, but the good news is I do, bear with me while I suggest a few ways
  • I have a crap website – yup, I clocked that, confused the knickers off me, who are you again?
  • I’m slightly worried about spending money on my website before I know who I am – let’s work on that first
  • I’ve done loads of experiments, trials, giveaways, donations and worked with friends – Gawd, I’m exhausted now
  • They all love what I do and tell me they WOULD buy it – unlikely, even when you can work out what “it” is
  • I’ve got no business model – nor any business really
  • I’ve got no umbrella theme for what I do – correct
  • I can’t see how it all fits together – no, but I think I’m beginning to get an inkling
  • I’ve got no marketing plan – copy that
  • I don’t like structure – gosh, good job you said, I would never have known (joke)
  • I don’t want to be tied down – you might need to re-frame that if you want to make any money, don’t worry, it’s won’t hurt too much and I won’t let it limit your creativity

I’m being a bit cheeky with that second list, it’s not usually quite so long if I am strictly honest but never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Recognise yourself in there? Oh good. You are my ideal client and I’d love to talk to you. Please book yourself in immediately for one of my free no-strings Entrepreneur of the Day sessions and let’s see if we can’t find a way for you to make some money from your gifts.


You are an entrepreneur and you are a Star.

Welcome to my world.


Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Frank Jurga says:

    More liabilities

    * I don’t like to think about the money
    * I don’t have a business plan

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