Money, Abundance And Prosperity

Prosperity AngelOne of the recurring themes which comes up when I talk with clients, colleagues, other self-employed folks and friends is money. Or rather fear about lack of it i.e. scarcity.  I am sure this resonates with most readers. How do you keep yourself in an upbeat place about money when you know you’ve not got enough coming in, or you are worried about debt or cash flow struggles and impending difficult decisions about what bills to pay?

When I go through a bout of this myself, here are some of the things I do which make a difference. I can’t tell you which ones work best because I often do all of them at the same time (!) but you might pick one or two and experiment yourself and let me know what works for you.

First off, that picture is a prosperity angel which intuitive Lynn Robinson sent me. I liked the angel so much I put her on my desktop which means I’ve been looking at her often whilst some wonderful financial things have been manifesting. I’ve won the EuroMillions lottery three times in succession, indications of flow turning in my direction. I received a large windfall, entirely unexpected, five figures, and I received an invitation to re-run a high profile workshop with a delicious daily rate attached.

I’ve been forwarding the prosperity angel to all those I speak to who feel they are in lack, paying her forward.

I’ve been tapping again, practising EFT. And I’ve been attracting a lot of people into my life who are EFT practitioners. I am grateful for the reminder about how quick and easy EFT is to practise on yourself and that the results can be instant. When I do EFT it works, when I don’t it doesn’t. It is worth remembering that when we do what we know to do, it works, and when we don’t bother to use the tools we already have at our disposal we slide back into lack and fear and scarcity.

What you focus on shows up in your life so stop thinking about lack and debt and fear and turn your sights instead on what you do want – abundance, prosperity and surplus. A stash. Piles of dosh. Great stonking wodges and stacks of the green stuff.

I’ve been playing Rich Dad’s game, Cashflow 101. Recently I asked the game before we started for an outcome which would inform me about my real life and what happened was I won the game on the throw of a dice on a gamble I knew I could win and at the time I had no money (zero) in front of me. No cash. Big gamble. Big win. These were identical circumstances to my own life before I began this intense prosperity work again and started to turn the flow in my favour.

If you’ve never played Rich Dad’s Cashflow game or it’s been a while, come and play with me and and you can learn about your relationship with money by observing the way you play.

Here’s a list of resources I recommend to keep you upbeat and radiating the right positive vibe which is vital to attract money:

  • Iyanla Vanzant’s free 40 day Abundance Program – the language is quite biblical but you can change it to suit you if that’s a problem.
  • Rachel Elnaugh’s Business Alchemy – only £33 (bargain) to participate in 28 days of videos and a fabulous workbook.
  • Sandy Forster’s Wildly Wealthy Fast affirmations – 20 minutes a day only. Download them and listen to them in the car whilst driving along and repeat after Sandy. Get a link to those here and do get your hands on a copy of Sandy’s book too – Wildly Wealthy Fast.
  • Watch what Lynne Twist has to say about the surprising radical truth of sufficiency and how what you appreciate appreciates.

It is easy to say (and vital to grasp) that looking forward to what you do want is the way to go with this stuff. Use any and all resources at your disposal to give up all negative emotions and fears around money. Some say we do not choose these, and that may be true, but a quick re-focus and a tap, affirmation, daily practice of deep breathing and some work on releasing your attachment to the old – and blame for why you are where you are – will turn the tide.

What does it take to make you feel better? Do it now. Do it always.  Our job is to radiate the vibe for lots of lovely money, abundance, prosperity, good fortune, sufficiency, gratitude, luck, attraction and all good things. And one way to demonstrate your confident anticipation of all these is to pay it forward first. What can you give? How can you find a way to serve the greatest number of people so that the river of abundance flows to you? There’s more than enough for all of us in the world and your having plenty doesn’t mean another need be deprived.

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