Money Gym Property Investors Hope To Raise £4,500 for The Big Issue

As part of my work with The Money Gym, I am working with our team to put on a Property Extravaganza on 21st March 2009 in Central London. Tickets cost £25 including VAT and all ex VAT proceeds will be presented to The Big Issue Foundation on the day. One of my speakers, the ever-abundant Peter Stanley, has been wanting to set up a connection between property profits and helping the homeless for a number of years. I am delighted that finally we have been able to bring his vision to fruition. Peter will open the day with his talk demonstrating that Anyone Can Do It. He’s even offering a prize for the best reason on the day why the reverse is true!

At the time of writing, we have sold 110 tickets which means we can write TBI a cheque for £2391, but I want to give them nearly twice that, £4,500! In order to do that, I have to sell the remaining 90 tickets, the venue only holds 200.

So, what’s it all about then? It’s about The Good News about property investing in 2009. We have inspirational speakers, ordinary people who have made lots of money buying property and still continue to do so even in these current market conditions. Those speakers including Martin Roberts of TV’s Homes Under the Hammer and Hasmita Reardon who was Bradford & Bingley’s Property Woman of the Year award 2008 who has a portfolio of 80 properties in Sittingbourne, Kent, which she rents out to tenants nobody else wants. She’s a social entrepreneur in my book. And Rick Otton, Katharine Wooller and Abdul Malik.

The investments are suitable for people who want to put their first foot on the property ladder or their next one. They are for people with no money, no time and no know-how and conversely for the more experienced investor too. It will be a cracking day out which provides excellent networking opportunities in a relatively small group of wealth creators who are upbeat and positive and on the road to taking control of their own finances. There are over £42,000 worth of prizes in a holiday, Wembley tickets, books, memberships, portfolio places, mentoring, coaching and more from the very abundant speakers and colleagues who want to help this great cause.

Will you help us please? Will you blog and Twitter this to get the campaign to go as viral as possible? If you let me know you have linked to this post, I should be able to track back to your post. If you can link it back to the same posting on the Money Gym’s blog, even better for you as that’s a high traffic site.

Please take the day off and come and join us in London’s West End. If you can persuade a friend to book and come too, there’s a special gift for both of you – 90 days Silver Membership of the Money Gym with our compliments!

Please help us to raise our £4,500 target by using all social media methods at your disposal and let’s have some fun with this viral campaign!

Thank you so much for supporting our goal. Click here for full details and booking

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