How To Become a Money Magnet

Money-150x150See a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck, so goes the saying. But sod the pennies, its pounds and notes we want, isn’t it?

Only recently I was telling a group of clients that the streets of London (and everywhere else) are paved with gold and that we should keep our eyes peeled because money is waiting to be picked up everywhere. Pennies from heaven and notes which others have carelessly let fall lie in wait for us everywhere. T. Harv Eker taught us some special places to look for it and what to say to ourselves as we pick it up “I am a money magnet, I am, I am, I am”.

And then, on Sunday, we found a £20 note on the floor! I couldn’t believe it, I think this may my biggest ever find although I do remember finding a couple of bank notes in a carpark once, but I can’t remember whether that was £15 or £30 together.   I was saying to my chum “WOW, I only taught them about this the other day!” and there it was at our feet – and not just a tiny amount of cash either, a goodly stash. We’d just been to the cinema, this paid for our tickets and we got change. How brilliant is that?

Shall I tell you the karmic reason why I think we found this £20? My pal had said before we went to the cinema that her house was full of coins, discarded bits of shrapnel sitting around the flat in different places and she had decided to collect them all together and bank them. She has been doing that with her bigger money recently (under my somewhat assertive guidance) and I think this was her reward for demonstrating that she pays attention.

Once you start to pay attention to what you have, more comes.   I’m fairly sure she has banked about £30 this week in small change. Add to that her half share of the £20 find and, to be honest, it was her beady eyes which found it. But guess what the first thing she did with it was? Gave it to me!  Imagine you could have someone else find your money for you, this story just keeps getting better and better. Free money. Lovely.

Keep your beady eyes peeled and you too can be a money magnet. It wasn’t even one of those old scruffy twenties like in the picture, it was one of the wonderful crisp shiny silvery new ones.

What have been your best cash money finds?

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