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What I wanted to write about today is free – its my Money-Making Magic Google Group – and a phenomenon which is going on there right now as my pal Bianca pointed out to me earlier today.

Quite a number of us are participating in Rachel Elnaugh’s Business Alchemy and sharing our experiences in the group. This is wonderful in many different ways. I know it’s strengthening my own experience of participating in Rachel’s programme but it means the group is focusing on abundance instead of lack and that abundance seems to be rubbing off on all of us. The good news keeps coming thick and fast right now and as we celebrate Ntathu’s new speaking gig, lucky John’s free air tickets and Anne’s lottery wins and new clients, more abundance and other miracles tumble forth and manifest for all of us. We are truly blessed.

If you have an enquiring mind and are up for playing along with Rachel’s Business Alchemy, its a bargain at £8 during the remainder of August and she’s already flagged that she intends to increase the price at the end of the month to £33. Rachel has abundantly made this affordable to all – at either price, frankly.

Join Rachel’s programme by clicking here.

And then pop on down and share your own experiences in our prosperity love-in by joining the Money-Making Magic Google Group which has been completely revitalised by our playing along with Rachel.  Just to remind you the MMMGG is free to join too. All you have to do is sign into your account with Google and visit this page and apply for membership. I will approve you and you are good to go, you’ll be in our gang.

We’d love to have you swell our ranks whether or not you are up for a bit of business alchemy right now. The MMMGG is for those of us on a financial journey to abundance, whatever stage you are on your path. It is a happy band of financial travellers and we support each other and share resources and I throw in a bit of business mentoring and wealth coaching as appropriate.

Let the magic into your life!

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