How Does Magic Fit into Money-Making, Judith?

magic make a wishThere are as many different ways to make money in your own small business as it’s possible to imagine. But, broad brush, here’s approximately how to do it.

Have at least an outline plan and a vision of what you are wanting to create and make sure it is something which will engage you for the foreseeable future. Don’t keep changing your mind, stick with it. Don’t sabotage yourself by taking on multiple projects. However many beautiful ideas for different projects you have, pick the front runner and put all your available energy into that. If you are going to create a cleaning business, or a B&B or travel agency, put all your efforts into the one plan and bring all your creativity to that. You can do the next one – er, next!

If your available energy runs to about 40 hours a week, you can do this yourself with some focused hard work, following your plan and chasing your dream/goal and at about the third anniversary it will suddenly get a whole lot easier, maybe sooner (no promises). At that point you hit critical mass where enough people know about you and what you do and your word of mouth referrals start working really well for you so that you have a sustainable and reliable income at last. If you have been self-employed already for three years but your focus was all over the shop, you’ll need a bit longer. Three years on the one central project, that’s what I mean.

If your available energy is less than 40 hours a week, then you will need to work smarter, to a different plan, or pay money to others to do some/lots of the work for you and help you instead of you doing it all. This one is ideal frankly, since we are all impatient for results, but sadly most of us choose not to afford this despite time being money. I understand the compromise all too well.

Luck comes into it a bit. Stickability is vital. The propensity for hard work and/or the funds to outsource and grow faster will also help.

What I teach my clients who may or may not have the 40 hours a week is that they can do some things to help themselves and for it to feel easier. For the sake of a snappy strapline, I group these together and call them ‘magic’. They are strategies which many regard as woo woo but if you can believe in the magic, you can make it work for you and this makes it lighter and more fun and miracles do unfold. We see evidence of this every day.

At first the miracles are quite small as that’s all we appear able to allow ourselves to believe in. But if you can make a small miracle happen, you can manifest a big one too and so we experiment with that in my groups and see where it leads. An open mind is all you need to play in the magic and bring the much-desired financial results you seek into your life faster.

Both strategies work and I have experience of working at one and allowing the other. I know which I prefer and I’m happy to share both or either with you. A mixture of both is absolutely perfect.

So… abracadabra, which means “I create as I speak” and which many of my clients will find very appealing indeed. Let the magic begin!

Here are some handy links to my magical groups:

Small Business Big Magic – £50 per month and all done in a group after a 1-2-1 induction, just us two, so I know you and your biz

Club 100 – £150 per month and a lovely mixture of group support + individual time together on Skype.

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