Financial Coaching: Thoughts and Fears about Money

Cashflow Game 1st Nov 2013I enjoyed a  long, hot and very rewarding financial coaching day on Friday playing Cashflow 101 with my clients from the Club 100 and a Lucky Winner from the 30DC, a pretty magical manifesting bunch as it turned out.

Here’s what they reported after the day:

“Dear Judith, 

Just wanted to drop you a very quick message saying a HUGE THANK YOU! It was mind blowing, entertaining, very educational, sometimes emotional, highlighting very important details, fun (and I could go on and on and on, trying to collect all the feelings that I’m still holding in the imprints the day left on my mind…..)

Maybe to summarise how I feel now I will try to explain where my mind went just before I sat down to write you. As I started to form the sentences, my two languages, which usually exist somehow separately, suddenly merged and I felt like I was thinking in my mother tongue though actually it was in English!!!! May I even risk (or dare?!) to say that I felt like “I’ve finally arrived, I’m at the right place, I’m at home”.

Thank for the above once more and I am very much looking forward to hearing from you, Bigbigbig hugs, xxx”


“What a fantastic day! Huge fun. Great learning and so energising. Definitely showed me some really interesting things about making money. I have a huge desire to be involved in life and in the fun of making money. I found in the game that even without rock bottom low overheads I was able to get out of the rat race – for me the real freedom came when I was enjoying making money – that gave me such a buzz. Thanks Judith. xxx”


“Dear Judith, Thanks again for a fab day on Friday with CF 101.Thank you for YOUR vote of confidence in me. I heard you say something like ‘R is the most talented spiritual coach I know’ or words to that effect and I was ‘what did I just hear?’ and gobsmacked is about the right description. Thank you so much for that. That is HUGE given your network and connections. 

I was telling my partner about the game and how it is like real life and we got talking about investments and our respective money situations and I was saying I am having to raid my savings at the moment to make up my deficits. He expressed his concern about that and ‘should we do something about it.’ I blocked – usual response. This morning I realised – here’s the universe turning up to ‘fill my gap/cup’ and I am saying no, not this way! – Hello! Wake-up!

And another one: I realised that I DO know what I want, I DO have dreams, it is just such a lot I have parked it and NOT OWNED IT. I just had to tell you. And NONE of this would have happened if it was not for yesterday’s came. So BIG thanks and MANY, MANY blessings!  

One other thought: Have you noticed how you are stronger when you are surrounded by people of a similar mindset? I am sure you have. It just struck me given Friday. Have a great weekend.  Lots of love.”

If you want to have breakthroughs like these around your relationship with money and to be able to change your thoughts and feelings about your business and your wealth-creation opportunities, why not join in with my Summer AbundanceFest which includes lots more of this and a day of financial coaching just like these wonderful women enjoyed on Friday. Just look how much love and how many kisses on the bottom I earned!

All you have to lose is your limiting beliefs, bad habits, blocks to your abundance and your never-ending spiral of scarcity.

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