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writing-implements-1285329_640I have been examining the amount of work I put into marketing. Specifically the amount of time, because (honestly) it doesn’t really feel like work to me, not the vast majority of it anyway.

I write a weekly newsletter and I make time to share it on social media.

I co-create a weekly podcast and that I prepare for in advance, then we record it together, then I go off and write up the show notes in three different formats, on the podcast website, on my own website and now in a Facebook Note. And as each show goes live I share that in five different places online to make sure it is seen. And heard.

As of the beginning of October this year I returned to blogging every day, Monday to Friday. Currently I am writing up four of those on my day off (!), Friday, and the fifth one is the one about the podcast. And I tweet each one of them at the point of publication and also convert them into a Facebook Note too, as I’ve detected they get better results than just auto-posting a link. That Note gets shared on my FB page as well as my personal profile.

There are an additional three different things that I share either on Facebook or Twitter every day, one of them five days a week, two of them seven days a week.

Then I go and “work” on my Facebook profile and page too, connecting, relating, engaging, sharing and having conversations with friends, old and new. And replying to comments. And Liking stuff I like. This is all marketing, however it may appear. And not done cynically either, there is a space in between those two points to do with being a human being who mostly just loves to hang out online.

What made me think that on top of all of this I could do NaNoWriMo as well? Where you write an additional 50,000 words during the month of November. I’ve kept my promise to myself because I said I would but frankly I’m a nutcase for committing to that. Nutter. End of.

In the realisation of all of this, I was listing it and working out how long it all takes, whether or not it was bringing me the best results it could, whether or not that time could be better spent elsewhere, if there weren’t ways in which I could be doing this better etc. It’s been on my mind of late, not sure why, but I always tend to follow up on thoughts and nudges like that and explore a bit more deeply.

And then I noticed three results I could attribute to having put out more content in the written word online and was able, in one week alone, to say:

1. An old school friend read my blog and wrote to me using the contact form on my website. We haven’t really had much to do with each other since her wedding in 1987 and then, on Saturday, we had a conversation on the phone for an hour and forty minutes, telling each other all our news from the last three decades, talking about her retirement as a head teacher in Liverpool, about our brothers and their families, and about how our parents died and when. She fortified herself with two cigarettes and a gin and tonic (!) and was talking to me from her garage as they are not allowed to smoke indoors in their house. But still, what a result, eh? From one little blog post about food which I felt inspired to write the previous Saturday in the bathroom. [I was inspired in the bathroom; I didn’t write it in there!]

2. A lady called Helen asked me if I would be the judge on a Christmas competition about small business people working in teams. Over a weekend in December I have to review the five in the shortlist and Judith’s decision will be final. In her PS, Helen said “Your blog is fantastic. The Ideas Loop article was so insightful.” That Helen. She knows how to get a writer, right where she lives.

3. The Ideas Loop article had already been so well received as a blog that I shared it in one of my weekly newsletters, whereupon a couple of you came out of the woodwork (which I always love) and Deborah, who knows a thing or two about writing, said ” Ooh, I do love your weekly newsletters, Judith. This one is even more of a stunner than usual. Many thanks for sending it. ”

And there you have it. Those are just three reasons why I write as much as I do in any one week.

But, when I was thinking even more about this and about writing in particular as a form of marketing, my main thought was this. When I write I feel more like me.

And then my very next thought was I wonder what are you doing when you feel more like you? I do hope you’ll write and let me know and perhaps, if you are not already doing so, we’ll work together to help you make a business out of it.

Whatever you are doing today and wherever you are in your life, do more of whatever it is that makes you feel more like you.

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