Where Do You Get Your Motivation?

Motivation-150x150A friend and colleague who is a born again Christian once asked me: “Judith, where do you get your motivation from?”

I must admit I had never considered it until that day.   Lots of energy and can-do are just “me”.  I leap out of bed in the morning, eager to attack my projects, hang out with my beloved clients and cool colleagues and get my writing done.

I think I must have replied to the effect that my energy is God-given, not God in the sense that she would use it necessarily but God nonetheless, in that the divine spark just came with the package that is Judith, no upgrade required.

It is my abundance of energy and motivation which helps me to be a natural coach.   I have more motivation than I need for my own purposes, so the only thing to do is to offer it to others.   I tend to pretty much operate on this basis in life generally; if I am lucky enough to have a surplus, who could use this gorgeous excess? [Works for biscuits, not necessarily for walnut whips.]

Where do you get your motivation?

Are you trying to achieve something, trying to look after yourself and your family, trying to prove a point, trying to show someone what you are made of?   Are you keen to make a success of a project or a job?  Are you trying to vindicate the faith that someone else has shown in you by giving you an opportunity?

Perhaps you are trying to get noticed by someone else? Or achieve financial freedom? There are a million and one reasons that might be your own motivation(s), unique to you, thank goodness, though I do hope you’ll share.

What increases your level of motivation?   Incentives such as money or kudos, bribes, prizes, payoffs – or the satisfaction of a job well done?   Self-esteem or the respect of your peers, perhaps? The chance to give to and nurture others, run a team, strive for excellence?

I remember the year that the horse that won The Derby was called Motivator and the horse placed second was called Walk in the Park.  What’s in a name?  Motivator has energy and inspiration in it.   A Walk in the Park, though lovely, isn’t going to get you anywhere first or fast.   Simply not meant to. They are both different energies and we get a choice; drive or dance?

What does your business need by way of motivation and how are you going to harness it for yourself and your team?  Have you asked yourselves what motivates you all, do you know why you’re doing what you do?

Is there synchronicity in the answers – are you all pulling in approximately the same direction?   Can all your aspirations be satisfied?   If not what can you, the business owner, do about that?

If you too have an abundance of motivation, to what do you attribute that?   How can we share it with others for the benefit of all?   Have you given due consideration to just what a vital resource motivation is?   I might choose to share it with others but I certainly never squander my precious stash.

If you have less motivation than you require, what’s draining you?   And I wonder if laying down some of that load might liberate you to win your own race.

Your Biz Your Way

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