My 2018 in Numbers

You can take the girl out of accounting, but not vice versa. So here is my 2018 reflected in numbers. Look out for another post which I plan to call My 2018 in Feels. Numbers are only one way to measure a year and probably the last one I’d recommend for you, unless (like me) you just can’t help yourself!


1 Book published and 32 Amazon reviews achieved, one for Kindle UK, 25 for Amazon UK paperback and 6 for Amazon USA.

1 Creating the Impossible Michael Neill Challenge completed in the first 90 days of the year

171 individual coaching calls completed, 20% of them on a PWYW basis

28 Low Carbers helped to become healthier and lose weight (if they wanted to): 3 individuals and 25 in two separate groups (July and September)

7 houses lived in: two shared, five housesits in five different UK counties

46 weekly podcasts co-created for Own It! Your Business AND Your Life

53 weekly newsletters published at 10 a.m. UK on Fridays (there was one bonus broadcast in there about Low Carb). If you don’t get it and you’d like to, subscribe here.

3 Facebook Pages owned and managed – my business, the low carb theme, and Own It! the Podcast

7 business Facebook Groups owned and managed plus 3 leisure ones (books, #Strictly etc) and 12 about my favourite island in the Caribbean

204 blog posts published, 52 for Blogfest 2018 in the promotion of my book, 52 of the Q&As in my book itself and 46 about Own It’! the Podcast’s weekly show, leaving 54 (one a week averaged) on matters various.

106 episodes of my own little podcast, Listen with Judith, mainly (but not exclusively) also the promotion of my book and where I read all 52 question aloud for those who prefer not to read.

Thank you to the clients, collaborators, creators, contributors and co-conspirators who were part of that in any way. I love you more than my lunch.

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