My 25 Things – A Reward for a Goal Milestone Achieved

Twenty five  Alison Grimston has put up something on the Money Gym which has piqued my interest.   What 25 things would I do if I had reached a goal milestone in my wealth creation journey?  I think this was intended as an interim goal place, not the whole hog you understand, but something to encourage and motivate us and an idea of how we will reward ourselves.   You can read Alison’s list here and here’s mine but first of all I have to decide what my interim goal is.

I have created a significant income target for myself for 2009 from six different projects.   When I achieve that, knowing that this need not necessarily take all of the year, here’s how I will celebrate (some of these things are already on my Wish List):

  1. Create a beautiful garden at Streatham Hill, low maintenance for the tenant who moves in after me.
  2. Go to see more live comedy, theatre and music – splurge on the best seats in the house.
  3. Read every day.
  4. Write every day, Monday to Friday.
  5. Walk most days. Walking’s so SLOW, you need plenty of time for that.
  6. Extend my cleaner’s hours and get her to change the sheets, perhaps even get a house-keeper.
  7. Send the sheets out to the laundry.
  8. Buy new sheets, not caring that the cat digs her claws into them every night.   No, I won’t cut her claws, she needs them for doing cat-like things outside like climbing trees and catching prey.
  9. Buy a Sony Reader.
  10. Travel business class on planes.
  11. Take the month of August off in the Mediterranean and December off in the Caribbean.
  12. Eventually own homes in both places and more besides, go on scouting trips.
  13. Move back to Canary Wharf for UK base.
  14. Blog for profit, see number 4.
  15. Do random, spontaneous things without the straightjacket of a full diary all the time.
  16. Spring for more treats for friends and family, be more available to those I love.
  17. Cook more from scratch as a relaxing and creative leisure pursuit; build a nice kitchen in which to do that. 
  18. Stay in luxury hotels for long weekends – frequently.
  19. Travel to them by helicopter now and then.
  20. Have spa treatments weekly instead of monthly.
  21. Enjoy an extended stay in an ayurvedic health farm, studying meditation amongst other things, achieve total mind/body/spirit bliss.
  22. Set up tax-free status, probably spending 9 months of the year overseas.
  23. Run all my businesses remotely, have enough help to make this a real possibility.
  24. Become an even more accomplished investor.
  25. Create home movie studios so I can watch DVDs comfortably at home (as well as the cinema not instead of).

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