My 5 Top Wealth & Abundance Resources

Even though I am supposed to be on my gap year, I am somewhat in limbo while I wait to tidy up one last 2010 project which is dragging on a bit.   So between sudokus, crosswords, movies and Kindle ebooks, I have been doing my favourite thing – helping people.

This week, after a flurry of emails with someone I had never met before who had heard me on the Wealth Solutions webinar series with the Barefoot Doctor, I finally got to the place where I felt I wanted to share my five top wealth and abundance resources with her, and that inspired this blog post.

These are the things which I think KNOW have made all the difference to me on my own financial journey.

1.   I always find this 12 minute video very reassuring. We are enough, we have enough, we have always had enough, we will always have enough.  It’s Lynne Twist who has written a book called The Soul of Money. I’ve just downloaded it onto my Kindle; I’ll let you know how I get on with it.

2.   The Money Gym made a huge difference to me. I went through the programme myself first and then later I was invited to become a partner in the business in 2005 with founder Nicola Cairncross.  Nicola updated her book of the same name in 2010.

3.   Mary Hunt is a fabulous resource – she has a good book called Debt Proof Living and what she calls Rapid Debt Repayment Calculators on her website which help you work out the best of various different ways of paying off your debts and staying out of debt.   You can get access to the calculators by joining Mary’s site from only $10 for 3 months and you can see a free Demo of how it works before you choose to part with any dosh at all. Nice.

4.   Do you know about EFT (emotional freedom techniques)?   I created a website with EFT Master Ann Ross, it’s called Tap To The Top. There’s a link in the right-hand margin of the points to tap on, plus various scripts about money you can follow along with.  Here’s one about ending the struggle and if you scroll all the way down the home page and hit Next, reviewing each post,  you may find one or two which resonate and once you get the hang of it, of course, the idea is to write your own scripts. I have found this invaluable on my own journey – it’s also easy, quick and FREE and can be applied to everything from a headache, to anxiety over a visit to the dentist, to spider phobias etc.

5.   Sandy Forster – How to be Wildly Wealthy Fast – a great book aimed at mainly but not exclusively at women with lots of real, common sense in it.  Do also make time to do Sandy’s WWF affirmations. They take 20 minutes but often, for long periods in my life, I have done these daily and I am absolutely sure they have made all the difference.   My colleague at the Money Gym, Margaret Collins, featured them on her blog and here’s a link to that – the affirmations are linked to near the bottom of the post.   I like to create a CD to play in the car. It’s vital you participate by repeating them after her, until you are word perfect, as the language changes your thoughts about having lived in lack all your life.   If you are not very techie, you can read and print a list of the affirmations here.

I do hope you enjoy my favourite resources. Do let me know how you get on when you try them out. Remember to do the exercises in the books, watch the video, use the calculators, do the tapping, do the affirmations and when they work, keep on doing them, don’t stop. Doh!

I’d love it if you shared feedback on your experiences by leaving a comment and/or recommending some of your own?

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  1. Anne says:

    I loved the Lynne Twist video and it’s truly inspirational and puts money into its right place…a tool not a talisman. And how when it’s held in the proper’s amazing.
    Favourite resource…actually YOU…Judith would be one.
    My current favourite affirmations around money are: I am always at peace around money/I do great work for great pay with people of great energy (have to thank Laura Berman Fortgang for that one)/. @Marion I have the SW book…which I’m going to read again..

  2. Allison says:

    Judith – and Marion
    Loved the video and what Marion had to say about ‘chain playing’ really resonated with me. I get real benefit from listening to (usually listening to, oddly enough I can’t read something more than a couple of times) the same thing over and over – eg Jim Rohn/Internet Marketing; Michael Losier/Law of Attraction; Gill Fielding/Wealth Secrets; Michael Neill/Creating the Impossible;
    And I’m with Marion on ‘earthy affirmations’ – I find the earthier, the more I believe them.
    Books that have helped – Kim Kiyosaki, Rich Woman; Deepak Chopra, Seven Spiritual Laws of Success; Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers and Tim Ferris, Four Hour Work Week
    I live in hope that one day I will ‘get’ EFT as I can see the benefit others, including Judith, get from it.

  3. Marion Ryan says:

    Nice list, Judith.

    I always believe that chain-playing “The Secret” on audio every time I got in the car was what enabled me to do a sharp right turn in my business and attract so much new business my waiting list just kept growing. You might recall that a certain Judith Morgan sent me those CDs…

    Next are affirmations, but most often my own fairly simple ones. I couldn’t really get behind stuff like “Every time I turn around I see money chasing me…”, so I stay with more earthly stuff like “I consistently attract only the best clients to work with me” and affirm to myself how great I am at what I do. The more confident I feel, the more business comes my way.

    Then there are certain favourite books and authors. In the world of abundance, Abraham-Hicks is right at the top for me with Ask and It is Given, and the many others they’ve written. Then Stuart Wilde, “The Trick to Money is Having Some”, Wayne Dyer, “The Power of Intention” and I’m sure there are others but it’s still early and not even through my first coffee yet.

    Looking forward to hearing other people’s favourites too.

    Marion x

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