What My Amazon Wish List Says About Me

tree-decorations-508217_640Since I have more books on my kindle than I could possibly read in a year off work, and since I am about to go travelling so don’t want any more possessions in my life, when I see things I think I want these days I add them to my Amazon Wish List.

It feels like shopping. And when I revisit my list later, having managed very well without so many of the items, I can knock them off and feel no loss. I highly recommend this strategy as a sort-of halfway house if you are trying to beat your shopping addiction. Not that that was my problem particularly. Desire fades. And fast.

I use my Wish List for saving things for later which people have recommended. And, again, when I look at the list later I cannot remember who recommended said item or why, so they are some more low-hanging fruit for simply knocking off the list.

Today I thought I’d review my Wish List and work out what it said about me.

There are currently no books on my Wish List. See above.

Nor is there a Fit Bit, though I am tempted. This is because I can almost count in my own head the number of steps I take each day. #NotEnough.

There are 10 items on my Wish List and nine of them altogether add up to less than seventy quid to buy the lot; that makes me very low maintenance to my eyes. The tenth one is out of stock so no price info available.

Only one item has a business crossover – a bumper pack of multi-coloured A5 notebooks which I love to write in when talking to my clients. A ten-pack would see me through 2017 as I generally use one a month and don’t do any coaching in August or December.

Light bulbs. When I thought I was moving house I let my stock expire. Now, if I bought any, I would also need to buy a stepladder! I do need 4 bulbs actually. This would be a good job for my December time off work. Let’s see what happens with the house move first. Either way, might need to borrow a stepladder.

Manuka honey wound gel. My wound was fixed using coconut oil instead, which I already had in the kitchen cupboard. But I am leaving this on the list as it would be a good thing to have in my first aid kit when travels do begin. Ditto the out-of-stock item which is some Johnson & Johnson baby creamy oil Aloe & Vitamin E which is apparently an effective mosquito repellent, although I already have a full quota of those.

Aloe vera toothpaste. Without flouride. And some other vital dental items. TePe travel cases and gingival gel. I am overdue a visit to my dentist in Belgium and when I go to see him eventually, I don’t want my deterioration to his good works and my serious investment from way back to be any worse than they need to be. And yet I manage with what I have and what Ocado send with my weekly shop. So no purchase. Yet.

Language-Hacking French by Benny Lewis. Oops. I lied. This is a book. But now that I have had to surrender Normandy, I can get by with Duolingo. Probably always could, although briefly I had my head turned by Benny.

Nag Champa, the incense my next-door neighbours recommended in July. Speaking of my neighbours, I’m worried about them. The noises I hear through our common wall are distinctly different, and somewhat worrying. So much so that I suspect a change of tenancy because it’s gone from loud vocal gardening, incense and enthusiastic sex to the noises of children and someone being very poorly indeed. Yes, I know, one thing can lead to the other, but I really don’t think this is them unless family have moved in and there’s not room for that.

And some safety locks for my suitcases which are compatible with TSA screening.

Good game, eh? Give it a go and tell me what you learn about you.

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