My Busy, Busy Life (Not)

When helping a poorly friend recently by delivering some groceries to her when she was too ill to get out of the house, I lost my favourite reading glasses. Sainsbury’s said that no-one had handed them in. It’s a mystery, frankly, as I normally wear them on the top of my head but I bumped into someone I hadn’t seen for eight years – a judge, no less – and it threw me. End result?  No glasses and no shopping list with the judge’s email address scribbled on the back of it.

Which led to me being a bit sad about the loss until I managed to get another pair exactly the same in remaindered stock – yee ha!  And they arrived yesterday with a copy of the beautiful doodad-filled catalogue. I don’t let this company put me on their postal mailing list as I try not to shop like that. I don’t want the temptations of a gift catalogue as that tends to lead to a house full of clutter, sparkly things I thought I wanted but I fall out of love with pretty quickly if I am brutally honest with myself.

But there was something in the catalogue which caught my eye, a journal called My Busy Busy Life. It’s a spiral bound notebook (gotta love a notebook) in all sorts of pretty candy colours and an appealing cartoon of a multi-tasking woman on the front who looks in control and happy and efficient being busy, busy.

There have been times in my life when I would have snatched up such a beauty, a bargain at only £6.50. It would have helped me to be even more efficient with “notes, addresses, things to do, people to call, shopping lists and anything I must not forget”. It’s hardback and described as beautifully illustrated. If you’ve got a busy, busy life you’ll want one for these for sure.

Once I had a busy, busy life and all that busyness made me feel important. Today my life is anything but busy, busy and I’ve come to know what’s important.

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    Oooh thanks, Anne, good catch. Will fix the typo forthwith. One thing we’ve discovered about Captcha is to keep using the “get a new challenge” button until you find something more readable.

  2. Anne says:

    Dearest Judith, what a delightful Freudian slip… “and anything I must not forger”…Anne
    Also, and this is probably not a revelation to most people I’ve discovered that if I read your captcha text with my head tilted like an owl it’s much easier to read…

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