My Kiva Challenge: How 100 Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Can Help 900 More

Gentle Reader, I’ve had a brilliant idea and I need your help to make it work.

Today I’ve set myself a challenge, to help 100 entrepreneurs and small business people during September 2012 by offering 100 half-hour business mentoring and/or wealth coaching sessions at the bargain knock-down price of only £50.

And the plan is that it’s a two-fer, a two-for-one. A BOGOF, buy one get one free. For every session you buy at £50, I will give you another.   And here’s what you can do with your second, free one:

  • You bank it and keep it for yourself – and why not? Just claim another, second free session somewhere down the line. You’ve got one up your sleeve for a rainy day, should you ever need it. I’ll keep a note, I’m good at admin, but I’ll leave you to claim it when you feel the time is right, as soon as you need a follow-up.
  • Or you could go halves with a mate, which means you’ll each pay £25. Well you pay £50 and they reimburse you for their half share. I’ve got enough admin going on here, what with 200 people to coach in a month!
  • Or you can pay it forward to someone you know, or your partner or one of your children, or a friend in need or someone you’ve only met at breakfast networking or a virtual pal and all you know is they need some help and they are not sure they would choose to afford it right now. You give them your second half-hour session – for free. What abundance on your part!

So then I’ve helped you – that’s my first 100 entrepreneurs – and then you’ve paid it forward to another 100 of our ilk. Total so far 200 small biz people. Lovely jubbly. Win-Win.

But here’s where it starts to get good…I will donate 10% of my turnover to Kiva, the organisation which provides micro finance loans to entrepreneurs across the globe, helping to end poverty by funding them to set up and expand. Win-Win-Win.

Assuming I get 100 takers (and that’ll be down to you) then £500 = $793 which at $25 per loan = another 31 global micro entrepreneurs helped. Nice. It’s totting up very satisfactorily indeed.

With me so far? That’s 231 entrepreneurs helped from my original 100 hours’ work.

But here’s where it gets even better. If we are quick and you let me introduce you to Kiva (that bit’s vital), they have a special offer on whereby for each introduction I make to them they will give both you and me another $25 to lend! Which means if everyone who reads this + those who join in and book a session asks me to introduce them, then we are likely to raise at least enough to help another 400 entrepreneurs between us. Blimey! Dizzying maths, even for me. And now I’ve run out of fingers on which to count how many win. Might have to get up a spreadsheet – yum.

So, by now, I reckon my modest total of 631 entrepreneurs helped globally from my original 100 hours of coaching and mentoring is looking pretty achievable – what do you think?

Up for joining in?

Here’s what you can do to be part of this challenge to help so many just like us:

1. Book yourself in for a half -hour (Kiva) slot during September 2012 and make sure to fill out your Skype name on the diary booking form not your phone number. These calls must be done on Skype. Download for free from and please practise with a friend before you turn up for your appointment or by using Skype’s own test service to make sure your microphone and speakers work. This will save me time to be going on to work with the next caller. Thanks for that consideration. If it’s to work, this will have to be a well-oiled machine.

Then let me have the name and email address of your friend (or yourself, shhh, I won’t tell anyone). You can put that information on the online booking form too please to keep my inbox as clear as possible, except in emergencies. I want to keep my time free and clear for the 200 Skype calls. Tell them not to expect to hear from me overnight, I will prioritise you payers first.

Please ask your pals not to use the online diary, I am reserving that for those who pay. I will email them separately to set up the gift appointments. They will still use the same online diary to book their slot but at least I will know who on earth they are and who is a matched pair with whom.

2. Pay £50 for your own appointment using Paypal or ask me if you’d prefer to pay directly into my bank account. Works either way. If you give me your PayPal email address on the booking form, I’ll invoice you for payment before we speak please, that’s another way you can help streamline my workload, by reducing my need to audit.

3.  Tell everyone you know – in your Outlook contacts, your Twitter followers, your Facebook friends – shout it from the rooftops please as frankly, I’d do more. Why stop at 631? Why not go for 1,000 entrepreneurs helped? I will if you will!

OK, I’ve talked myself into it. That’s a goal of 1,000 Entrepreneurs – not necessarily coached, but helped either way. Won’t rest ’till it’s done. Which means I need you to join in, play along and continue to spread the word far and wide across all social media until I come up gasping for air and tell you to stop (beg you to stop?). Do ask influential people you know online to tell all their pals too?

Anyway, it’ll be fun. It’s quite a challenge, but I’ve been in training for a while now. 29 Soul Chats in July, then co-incidentally the same number of free calls during August. So I’m fighting fit and back in flow when it comes to packing the maximum punch you can receive during just 30 powerful minutes. Topics we’ve talked about in August started with debt and ended with VAT and business lease extensions so come with a list of questions and pick my brains if you like, or just rock up and play in the magic and in the moment. Either’s just peachy with me.

So, will YOU be one of the 100 who’ll kick this all off? I do hope so.

Who’ll go first?

Even if you choose not to be one of the 100, please pass the word and I will keep you updated on Twitter and Facebook as to how I inch closer to my goal and when I achieve it. Bless you for that. And do please keep an eye on this, my blog, where I will write up the whole adventure in due course.

In gratitude…

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Love this Judith! Have Tweeted and FB’d and LI’d. Good luck and keep us posted 🙂