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E-CubedI was chatting to a coaching colleague last night. We had a very interesting conversation about which more in a later blog post. I was telling her about what I have found to be the two most powerful chapters (so far) in Pam Grout’s latest book E-Cubed: Nine More Energy Experiments That Prove Manifesting Magic and Miracles Is Your Full-Time Gig. Firstly, let me caution you. If you haven’t heard of Pam Grout before, I suggest you don’t start with this book which is the second in this area. Start with E-Squared which has lots of fun experiments to get you going.

Anyway, the first of these two chapters is all about love. Specifically how Source always sees me in my natural state, that of being “a giant blissed-out ball of love” and whenever I don’t behave like that I am out of alignment or enlightenment. [Amazing how many words Pam uses which were already in my strapline.]

Since I am you and you are me, energetically at least, and we are all part of the same quantum soup, whenever I don’t love you or me or anyone else, I am blocking my flow, the flow of abundance and all good things to me. This made me realise that I have no option but to love everyone and not just those who are easy to love. This would mean loving politicians, bankers, terrorists, criminals, religious nutcases, my legal opponents, my creditors, Uncle Tom Cobbley and all.

So I made up my Love List, to remind me to love…

  • Anyone who hijacks my thread on Facebook wilfully or accidentally misunderstanding my original message. Currently I delete them off my digital real estate, and I still retain the right to do that, but mostly I shall now be sending them love
  • The needy and the greedy
  • Anyone who doesn’t see the world the way I do
  • Family and friends, dead, alive, estranged
  • Every man I ever dated in every failed relationship
  • Anyone who has ever ripped me off either accidentally or on purpose
  • Anyone I think I can’t stand
  • Anyone I’ve had a row with or a falling-out or a misunderstanding or a grudge
  • Anyone who got me wrong or done me wrong
  • Everyone who’s just plain wrong
  • Anyone who doesn’t think my way is the best way when that’s quite obvious (!)
  • Those who are hard or impossible to love
  • And everyone else

Pam Grout explains that everyone is a hologram, another part of me. I knew this to the extent that I always wonder why some people push my buttons so. Now I need to wonder no more. I just choose to love them, and that’s it. They are part of me and I am part of them and while I think of them as separate with my lack of love for them, I am holding my good and my abundance away from me and I will have fallen outside the quantum field of possibility. And I want back in there pronto. I want to dwell in that house forever more.

I am quite excited about this because it is so simple. Love everyone no matter how annoying or difficult or nasty, smelly, spotty or black-hearted.

Yup, I know. It’s a tall order. But then, now that I know remember that I am a giant blissed-out ball of love, it should be a cinch.

You in?

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