My Readers Are My Cheerleaders

Most weeks after I send out a newsletter you bring me wonderful gifts, little replies and snippets of thought from lovely loyal diligent readers.

More critical people (I need those too) let me know when I’ve done a good one, much appreciated. Last week I rattled the stars and you replied to me in useful and generous droves.

Here’s what you all sent me.

R is a bit of a useful ex IT techie geek and much more besides, and she sent useful reminders about my intended app and even offered a handy appy chappy she has up her sleeve.

M wrote about my book and how it would be perfect for me to be speaking from the stage and selling it from the back of the room and that she would happily meet up for coffee and discuss this with me because she could see it in my future adding to my cred and my bottom line. She’s seen me on stage and knows how far there is to go (!) but this is praise indeed coming from a pro.

A wrote words of encouragement, saying I was amazing and inspirational and exhorting me to keep up the good work.

D wrote that she was going to give me a book review on and true to her word, she did!

H was reminded to send me in her Blogfest entry, so she did too.

R makes the time to read ALL of my newsletters and even goes so far as to send me a kind encouraging word or two about each one, wrote that I had been ON FIRE for months and that it had been brilliant. He congratulated me on reaching my first target of 100 book sales, said I deserved to sell many, many more than that and that it was on his list to review me on Amazon too.

Wow! You people are awesome. Thanks.

If anyone is in any doubt about the value of sending out a newsletter as part of your marketing strategy, take heed and take heart. It’s a two-way street and you, my gentle readers, are my cheerleaders. Big up to Y’all. And hugs ‘n stuff.

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