Lessons From My Self-Employed Clients Today

All Is Well. You Are Loved.I learn from my clients every day. Today these are the lessons from my self-employed clients. Actually, these are just the highlights, there were many more.

The reasons we became self-employed include the opportunity to do whatever we want, whenever we want. Which means we can craft each and every day, seven days a week, fifty two weeks of the year, uniquely and precisely to be just as we want. So if you want to go to bed with a book with cake and/or biscuits, you can. You can’t get away with that 365 but you can do it whenever you want.

You don’t need anyone’s permission and you certainly don’t need to feel guilty. You have total freedom to shape your day and if you don’t feel like working today, that’s absolutely fine. [There are caveats to this one, obviously!]

A deadline focuses the mind. If you haven’t got one, pick one for yourself otherwise the perfectionist in you might go on looking and looking and looking, never making a decision. Remember to outsource the stuff you are not so good at, leaving you free to do what only you can do, the arty creative stuff, the higher paid stuff. Don’t over-think it. Anything.

Only you can live the life that you are here to live. You can put it off as long as you like, but eventually you had better get cracking on living that one because if you don’t, no-one else is going to live it, it will go un-lived and be a terrible waste. There’s plenty of time, even if you start in mid life. Whether or not it makes financial or career sense to do what you are here to do, do it anyway.

Living in fear is a choice. So is living from a place of love and service. Yes, there may be many decades of doing it the other way to overturn when it comes to creating the newer healthier choices, but the results are almost immediate and encourage you to keep going. Nothing is insurmountable. You are stronger than you know.

There’s no need to rush into action. Sit with something which presents as a problem for as long as it takes you to choose how you want to respond, not react. Remember to give yourself that breathing space, that wriggle room of choice.

We are all OK. We’ve always been OK, ergo we always will be. We are living off abundance and there’s plenty to go around. Scarcity is a man-made construct. It’s no more real than your fears.

Thank you lovely, lovely, abundant clients who showed up in my diary and inbox today (and every day) and taught me so much. All is well. You are loved.

Your Biz Your Way

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