My Three Favourite Astrologers

Sally Kirkman is the first of my three favourite astrologers. Full disclosure: Sally is a client, and she has taught me to appreciate so much about astrology I didn’t know before. Pre Sally, I used to flirt with my horoscopes in magazines and newspapers, and enjoy them if they were good and ignore them if they were bad and forget about either sort immediately.

What I appreciate about Sally’s work is her writing. She writes really well and if she were writing about any topic she’d be worth reading.  She also has a monthly podcast she co-creates with her friend Christina, The Oxford Astrologer.

She’s written books on each star sign which have been published by Hodder & Stoughton, she writes an annual eBook about the Year Ahead, about which more later, and she writes about tennis predictions and about #Strictly ones too, both of which just happen to coincide with two of my own interests.

Many of my clients follow Sally’s stars because they have been introduced to her via her membership of both of my coaching groups, SBBM and Club 100, and it is amazing how often they remark to me that she was right on the money. We all LOVE that.

Sally is the self-styled Consultant to the Stars (geddit?) and she taught me the expression As Above, So Below.

I am a subscriber to Sally’s weekly stars which pop into my inbox every Sunday morning at 8 a.m. UK time, reliable as clockwork. The only time they didn’t arrive it was a fault with my email, not with Sally’s weeklies.

My favourite thing in this week’s stars for me (Taurus) from Sally is:

“The best news for you is the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius on Tuesday 22nd. This promises a gift or blessing. This may be due to a financial bonus that brings about a change in your life you’ve been wanting for some time.”

#2 on my list of favourite astrologers is Lorna Bevan of Hare in the Moon Astrology. I think I must have discovered Lorna via Facebook and I keep an eye on her output during the week and go straight to her website on Sundays after reading Sally. Lorna also writes deliciously and in a completely different way to Sally. Read Lorna’s Facebook post from yesterday to see if you like her style of writing.

Check out Lorna’s Hare in the Moon website and read her free weekly forecasts there, usually every Sunday too. I’ve also subscribed to her monthly 5D Astrology Report about which Lorna says “New! My February 2019 5D Report: ”Your Maverick is Your Power” is your guide to shaman Chiron ending a 50-year cycle of 3D, activating the super sensitive Event Horizon to deliver your new blueprint. If you’re a sensitive or creative, this is your time to leverage the perfect storm that is 2019.”

My favourite thing in yesterday’s weeklies from Lorna for me (Taurus) is:

“Monday’s potent Super Moon eclipse is giving you a much bigger stage to operate from. Expect to make clean cut endings of certain ties, relationships or responsibilities that have been draining your energy – it’s past time. That frees you up to expand the familiar four walls of your mind. Your way of seeing the world is ripe for new information and this eclipse will shake up your mental circuitry, your thinking, your beliefs and your world view. As you push your own boundaries and develop a new life philosophy, find creative ways to pass your new learnings forward – blog, write, teach, mentor or coach. The more you travel either literally or through study and contact with different groups, the more input you gather.”

My third and final favourite astrologer for today is Susan Miller. I have no idea how I discovered Susan or her me and whether I saw something on Facebook or something popped into my inbox or what. But I bought and thoroughly enjoyed her eBook for 2019. It was so uplifting and such fun that I shared it with a visiting friend between Christmas and New Year and kept reading aloud and sharing bits with my clients. It’s upbeat tone totally cheered me up in some dark days during the holidays when I was losing the faith in myself and my own projects which can sometimes happen when I am not working and not moving them forward or when I am feeling poorly or low, all of which pertained at times during the Xmas holidays 2018.

Of the three 2019 ebooks – Sally’s, Lorna’s and Susan’s – I loved Susan’s best of all for its cheer-you-up upbeat predictions. Lorna offered no predictions at all and TBH I felt it wasn’t even written by her so it was quite dry and computer-generated repetitive in places which is a shame as it is really her writing that draws me to her. And Sally’s is precisely what you’d expect from her, falling in the middle of the two of them with her businesslike reading of the 2019 stars, providing well-aspected dates and reminding me, as Lorna did too, about my own free will.

But sometimes you need the bonkers away-with-the-fairies predictive fun stuff. So, here’s Susan’s 2019 eBook available from Amazon for Kindle at £3.49 today.

I have also downloaded Susan’s free app which gives me a little line or two once a day, again more just for fun.

My favourite bit for me (Taurus) in Susan’s 2019 ebook is:

Dear Taurus, your year ahead has so many elements, twists and turns, and plenty of surprises. More money, career progress, foreign travel, an emphasis on learning and the media, and over-the-top love can all be yours. Are you excited yet? You should be! 

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