My Top 10 Reasons for Investing in Property Right Now

Housey A chap on Twitter asked me for my Top 10 Reasons for investing in property.   I have knocked out the following very quickly and twittered each one back to him!

  1. Because my portfolio is in profit for the first time ever – and quite a big one too which seems to get bigger with each month fortunately. This means I have surplus cash, can soak up prevous tax losses, and cashflow is eased which makes me feel like taking on more of the right investments
  2. Because I can buy so cheaply right now and help people in extremis.
  3. Because I can buy using Lease Options for £1 and avoid having to apply for a mortgage or pay stamp duty that way – lovely!   Its fast too.
  4. Because I can help others into a nice home which is one of the suprising delights of being a landlady. Having owned and rented, I know what makes a nice rental home for folks who choose not to own right now for whatever reason of their own (which is none of my business).
  5. Because I can get more and better advice from experts who have grown in this challenging market and had to step up their expertise accordingly.
  6. Because people bring me mind-bendingly good investment opportunities every day.
  7. Because I enjoy sniffing out “the deal” and finding a win:win.
  8. Because tax-friendly overseas schemes are helping me live my dream and create a pension within 10 years.
  9. Because some of those are 100% funded.
  10. And because my favourite one is GUARANTEED, i.e. I can’t lose my capital, its pegged and underwritten by Lloyds.   Beat that.

If you would like to hear more about each of these, please book now to attend the Money Gym’s Property Extravaganza in Central London on 21/3/09.

Coming soon – my top 10 reasons for attending that day – I hope I can get that out before my JV partner emails his list of 14,000 and sells my remaining tickets for me in one fell swoop!

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