Network Marketing – The Ultimate Coaching Business: Podcast Ep 214

Today our guest on Own It! the Podcast is Anita Davenport who Nicola and I met about fourteen years ago at a workshop in Nicola’s B&B in Worthing. Anita is a very determined woman and whilst bringing up her own children and pursuing her interests in multiple streams of largely passive income she found her way to network marketing which she describes as the ultimate coaching business.

Anita tells us how it enables her to bring her coaching skills to help her team grow their own full-time businesses or side hustle, always their choice, and how her clients vary from stay-at-home parents to GPs and everything in between. She works virtually with people all over the world and has her eye on becoming a digital nomad herself one day. She also explains the distinction between a product v service business in the world of network marketing.
In other news, our words of the week are Craft (hers) and Antediluvian (mine). I have to bank a cheque!
Nicola starts the show by telling me about her week which involves getting deliveries of wood for the stove and her Seat hire car being recalled to Kalamata. A delightful surprise was discovering that the man who came to collect it and will return it is her cleaner’s husband. In my turn I tell Nicola about this year’s film crop I am watching in time for BAFTA and Oscar during February and which ones I have enjoyed – Beautiful Boy and Green Book – and which not so much – The Favourite and A Star is Born.
Our fires have been fuelled by persuading some of our silent lurker listeners to out themselves in our Facebook Group and Page (me) and more study with the StoryGrid podcast for Nicola, specifically interviews about What It Takes to Go Pro and Joanna Penn of the Creative Penn, both with Sean Coyne who works with Steven Pressfield.
My project update was that I had written on Monday, about Wayne Dyer and the I AMs, and Nicola’s special client has reached that point in their work together where she has to grit her teeth and keep going.
Finally, we are impressed by a new probiotic, its apparent efficacy and the marketing and delivery thereof (me) and Nicola by an interview of Brian Cox by Joe Rogan which she describes as having something for everyone.
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