Podcast Ep 71: Never Good Enough

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beautiful-316287_640In episode 71 we talk about never feeling good enough, whatever you do.

I have two different sorts of client – those who overwork and are dogged by never-ending To Do lists. They are anxious that something will fall off the list and someone will not get what they need, they won’t be perfect, they will be found wanting. They feel good about themselves via achievement.

And the flip side of the coin are those who cannot make themselves do what needs to be done, they worry they are flaky and they are not sure they have what it takes.

Whichever side of the see-saw you are sitting on, it’s just your messy feelings about stuff. This isn’t the absolute truth and you can learn to switch off and relax more if you are an alpha type, or to dial it up if you fear that what you are doing now isn’t going to get you to where you want to go.

You don’t have to earn self-esteem, it just is, you are entitled to it each new morning. Self-employment is a hero’s journey as you are obliged to deal with your personal **** perhaps much sooner than you might have had to in a day job.

In other news we talk about First World dog nutrition and little dogs in woolly jumpers (!), Gary Vee (a podcast perennial), Instagram (again), moving house, finding a new home too soon, being invited to be a guest on other people’s podcasts, new clients and fresh energy.

And we also turn our attention to effort, spontaneity, staying at The Waldorf, outsourcing everything, Easter holidays so soon already, working a crowd so that everyone feels special and how far a great attitude will take my cleaner from Bulgaria, in London for just four months and supporting her elderly parents back home.

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