New Year’s Intentions 2014

2014 Good ThingsI’ve done a bit of thinking around my new year’s intentions for 2014. My list isn’t final or fully formed yet but some of my goals and dreams and plans are ready to be shared.

  1. It is my intention to blog every day during 2014. That’s 365 blog posts. That’s quite a tall order. I love blogging but am sporadic. However, I have written at every day since 1st August 2012 and that’s 519 days straight. So I am simply switching from writing on their platform to writing on my own. Should be a breeze. To this end, I have joined a 31-day Blogging Challenge which starts today although the way I feel, I don’t think I shall need that incentive though extra support is always wonderful. I am looking forward to this. Writers write, as I tell my clients all the time. And blogging is my preferred way to write, it allows me to feel like the columnist which my teenage self always wanted to be.
  2. I shall be returning to my juicy green habits by Monday 6th January latest and continuing to join in with some of Jason vale’s juice only gigs for 3, 5 and 7 days at a time as he does those throughout the year. My ultimate goal is to weigh what I did when I was sixteen and all this began but I also have a super ultimate goal which I shall keep up my sleeve for 2015. Just thinking ahead, me.
  3. All my other intentions are mainly around writing. 2013 was the year I fully embraced Facebook and I am very happy with how that went. I used to love Twitter but we grew apart. I am going to mend that fence in 2014. I am going to write an ezine every week. So that’s blogging and tweeting and Facebooking every day, all word-based, and a newsletter at least once a week. All different lengths of wordy challenges. Nice. I am rather too good at writing at length. This year I am going to practice brevity wherever possible.
  4. Writers write but writers must also read. I have an intention around cleaning up my Kindle by consuming everything on it. I don’t think that can possibly be achieved within one year. Can you imagine the luxury of that? I have more reading on my Kindle that I could possibly read within one year. It’s like my travelling library in the one gadget. Bliss. I am going to read and delete all the samples and put the ones I like on my Wish List. The rest I am going to read my way through, taking as long as that does. This month’s book club book is my choice and I have chosen Life After Life by Kate Atkinson and I have another book I want to read, in support of a particular client. What do you plan to read this year?
  5. My coaching business goal is simple. To fill up my Club 100. We currently have twenty five members and could easily double that, no problems, within 2014. Again, an ultimate goal might be 100 members. Capacity. Blimey! We are building a totally beautiful little community here, mainly female solopreneurs working from home. I am thinking about my niche and the possibility of narrowing it still further to precisely those women, working at home, alone. They need and deserve my support. I love them, the plucky ones.
  6. And finally, I keep noticing the word mindfulness everywhere I look so there has to be something in that for me. I am already a sporadic meditator, perhaps this is simply a matter of finding a daily spiritual practice that sticks? I’ve just read a quote by the Dalai Lama on Huffington Post that “Sleep Is the Best Meditation” and I’m cracking at that so perhaps this is job done already? ‘Course, you never really know whether or not the Dalai Lama actually says all these things, do you, but I am going to assume this is one of his as it serves me more than well.

Happy New Year to one and all. If you already know what you intend to manifest in 2014, do share?

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  1. Frank Jurga says:

    I’d like to hear what’s on people’s Vision Boards and what Milestones they hit last year. Mine are 2 England holidays – North Derbyshire on the edge of the Peak District and Kent/Canterbury: Candle Making workshop at Glastonbury Festival: massive shed building project from free wood that I was able to scavenge: massive year for researching and listening to music that I missed first time round: met 60 new clients last year and that gives me a semi-passive income for the rest of my days. This year – looking forward to Helen choosing this year’s destinations: going to run fund-raising workshop for local charity: woodwork in my shed: see friends more often: learn everything there is to know about fracking: launch Financial Services Manifesto