Testimonial: Time To Find Your Niche

Finding a Targeted Niche - Magnifying GlassThis morning I awoke to an unexpected and unsolicited testimonial from a woman I have worked with on and off since 2009. Currently we are in an off period. I wanted to share her words with you because there are a couple of points in it which I think will be valuable to readers:

Hi Judith

How are things with you? I know we haven’t spoken much over the last few months but I still enjoy reading your newsletter and now also your podcast with Nicola.

You are often in my thoughts, especially the pearls of wisdom you’ve dispensed over a long period. And even though we’re not working together at the moment, I do still draw inspiration from our sessions.

As a self-employed person, I have definitely been on the ‘slow burn’ and I realize now that’s partly been because I’ve had to take time to find my niche and build the experience to go with it!

Anyway I wanted to send you my latest income chart by way of showing the influence you still have. It’s on the up and looking good for the rest of the year!

Why I wanted to share this testimonial with you particularly is because of the two vital points it raises. My client firstly chose to take the time to find her niche and only then could she build the experience to go with it.

And there you have it.

Clients ask me how long it will take to build a business or create a living doing something they love. There’s your answer. It takes as long as it takes. If you know what you want to be doing and you have a niche in hand already and you are confident that there’s a starving crowd out there who want that, you might fairly whiz along. If being self-employed is your personal development journey of discovery, as it is for most of us, then the answer probably is… for the rest of your life which, in my book, is precisely why you might as well pick something you are going to love all day long forever.

When clients ask how long, they really mean how soon will I be able to rely on the income. During the build phase you still earn income, just not as much as you might like. But you don’t die, you find the dosh from somewhere and you keep on keeping on. It is slower without funds to invest in the things you need, the expertise of others which would accelerate your progress and make things all so much easier, but it is all good really. All good experience, all important steps along the route which help you decide so many things about yourself and your business while you build confidence and competence.

Although I am in the short-cut business, there are some things which only you can discover for yourself.

How long? Depends…! It depends on a whole raft of answers to questions unique to you, how much time you have available, how many answers to the questions you know and how many you have yet to discover, what things you know and what you have to learn. Is it just a matter of tweaking or are we starting from scratch? What do you know about marketing and sales and how’s that working out for you so far? Can you earn a living doing what you love with your prices as they are? And so on. Let me know if I can help with any of that.

And speaking of niches, Episode 22 of Own It The Podcast takes niching as our client challenge of the week.

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