Nick Dare: Joint (Ad)ventures in Business and Life

Nick dareToday’s blog guest is Nick Dare who I appreciate in many ways. His sense of humour has given rise to some of the best nicknames I’ve received in 2014 with, I hope, many more to come in 2015; Nick is the master of the nickname. He’s also one of the very few men brave enough to venture inside my Club 100, one of two currently. I love working with men in a mostly female environment. What does that say about them? Only good things to my eyes (ears?). Nick is nothing if not an adventurer, as you will read today… in his own words:

Cycling to the South Pole, circumnavigating the planet by human power over 13 years and aiming to drive a car at 1,000 mph are just three of the inspiring / crazy exploits that, as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, I have been privileged to hear about first hand in 2014. The Society welcomes both famous explorers and those who quietly go about their world-leading feats, just because.

As the only qualified Chartered Surveyor working in countries including Argentina and Albania, I have also been lucky to work with and for some word class clients and business people. This has included individuals who founded companies from bedrooms and who grew them to require offices to house over a thousand employees, and those unafraid of being first into locations others shunned.

Anyone who achieves any of the above is unique and is to be applauded. There is, however, another group of individuals. This is a smaller, even more unique group and this group inspires me more than any other. Membership belongs to those who run businesses they are passionate about, whilst also undertaking extraordinary adventures and exploits.

The businesses they run are not necessarily large or well-known and because they can self-fund their adventures you will not find them on talk shows, there to promote a latest book.

It is this group I aspire to become a part of and Judith is helping me to close the gap from where I am now to where I would like to be.

My name is Nick Dare and I live in London, having arrived here via Somerset, Dorset, Oxford, South America and Central Europe. By background I am a Chartered Surveyor and by inclination, I love interesting businesses and adventure.

In a nutshell, I enjoy working with interesting people on interesting projects. The things I most enjoy about being self-employed are having the freedom to choose with whom I work and the adventures I undertake. This time last year I was nursing a banger across the Western Sahara, en route to Dakar and earlier this year, I spent time researching the possibility of launching a crowd funding campaign for a new adventure travel company.

I am my own company and as such, am continually investing in myself. Mentoring forms an important part of this and having the benefit of Judith Morgan’s honest, impartial “voice on my shoulder” is invaluable.

Dare Does is my umbrella brand. The strapline is Joint {Ad} ventures in Business and Life. As the name suggests, it exists to help anyone planning an adventure in business or life. This may involve equity investment, sweat equity for specific projects or joining a team to help it achieve a set objective.

My website is currently under construction and in 2015 this will evolve to include a series of “Inspired By” interviews of people who I believe will inspire not only me but anyone who welcomes adventure of any description into their lives.

Over the course of the next 12 months, I am really looking forward to meeting a wide range of people with their own plans and adventures and working towards my own “Project X.” This is my long held dream of taking a car from London to New York overland; something that has never been done.

If any of this has piqued your interest, I would love to hear from you.

I think Nick must be especially good at names because his own is so entirely appropriate for what he does. And look! He’s accidentally created a new one for me today… “impartial”! As if. I’m fully invested, me. Still, it’s all in the eyes of the beholder, which is just perfect.

All joking aside, Nick is a really useful bloke to know and if you are contemplating the sort of adventure in business or in life that he describes, I do hope you’ll take up his invitation to get in touch via his website or Twitter @DareDoes.

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