No Oscars For Me Then (From A Devoted Yet Disappointed UK Movie Fan)

the OscarsDear Hollywood,

I am one of your biggest fans. I pay to go to the movies each and every week, sometimes more than once. I pay to stream movies at home and I buy DVDs. I am very diligent in the run up to the BAFTAs and the Oscars and I make sure I see everything by whatever means at my disposal, cinema, DVD purchase and streaming. This means that the first two months of each year are full on for me and my movie-going pal so that we see everything that’s nominated. That’s how much we care about you, Oscar.

And how do you repay us?

You don’t stream it live from either your own website or from ABC. How MEAN is that? I am fully invested in your industry and I can’t get the one reward which, frankly, you owe me after my annual outlay, effort, commitment and loyalty.

I do not own a television and therefore I don’t subscribe to Sky. I did subscribe to SkyGo last year specifically for the purpose of watching the Oscars but that wasn’t streamed live either unless you own a TV set. I did pay last night to subscribe to Satellite Direct as that promised me live streaming access to The Oscars, but that didn’t work either. Money down the drain and middle-of-the-night frustration and disappointment.

Oscar, is this how you want us dedicated movie fans to feel?   What is more important than the movie-goer, the end user?

I’ve written about this before. It’s mean and what’s worse – you are missing out on (a) an additional revenue stream because I would pay up to $25 dollars for the one-time viewing privilege and (b) goodwill. You are p****** off your audience and most loyal and engaged fans.

As I said in my previous posting on this precise topic, when are you Entertainment Giants going to get your ducks in a row here?   And a quick whip round the world wide web will demonstrate that there is a ravening demand for this, from people who prefer to use their laptops, iPads and iPhones increasinging as their entertainment gadget of choice, which you are not meeting. You are failing your customers. I have not failed you. Please redress the balance before next year.

No Oscars For Me Then

Your Biz Your Way

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4 Responses to “No Oscars For Me Then (From A Devoted Yet Disappointed UK Movie Fan)”

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  1. jan says:

    I love that you tell it how it is Judith. You’d think they would have a think tank that ensured no trick was missed for keeping their fans satisfied plus generating more income.
    Let’s hope this message reaches the right person in time for next years awards. Not much consolation though is it!

  2. Bianca Tait says:

    Hear Hear Judith! I agree with you wholeheartedly and I do hope somebody somewhere involved in the film business is reading this post and can make this happen for all of us keen film watchers. It is the one night of the year when I too would sit up all night to watch.

    Well said!

  3. Judith Morgan says:


    You are very funny! Yes, I had intended to be up all night, despite the fact that you and I had agreed to be on Marion & Yvonne’s parade ground at 9 a.m. I had planned my sleep accordingly. 4 hours prior to the Oscars and 4 hours afterwards. In the end it was interspersed not with the pleasure I anticipated but with two hours of expense and frustration! Sometimes the bear eats you…

  4. Janet Swift says:

    Dear Disgruntled Oscar Ceremony Non-Viewer

    Knowing how much the Oscars were anticipated by you (and many others), I did actually think of you last night when the late-night news showed the preparations for the Oscars and I wondered whether you would be up all night watching same. How sad that your hopes were dashed and your cash wasted. [Note to Oscar Organisers: Please note my sympathetic indignation at the abysmal service you are affording your most faithful and passionate cinema-going clientele. May I suggest that by way of lessening the huge failure on your part and of compensating for the frustration caused, you arrange to fly Judith Morgan and her cinema going companion to LA next year, to take their seats at the actual ceremony.] Judith, please await your invitation which should be with you pronto. Janet