No Way To Start 2010 – What’s Slipped Your Mind?

I sprang out of bed at 0815 this morning because I was expecting a tradesman, long appointed, at 0830.   I think its fair to assume, don’t you, that at 0830 on the first working day of 2010 I was, in fact, his first business appointment, his first customer of 2010?

And he didnt show up.   So just before lunchtime I rang him and he said I had “slipped his mind”.  

Since all he has to do in his business is show up and service clients, this is no way to start a new business year, no way to have happy clients with gorgeous free referrals.   His loss.   He has re-appointed for tomorrow morning at 0830. Wonder what time he will actually show up?

Feeling a bit grumpy about this.   I have long felt that it is no way to begin a new anything by not turning up and that’s in effect what we all do every year since 1st January is always a Bank Holiday in the UK.   What kind’ of message does that send?

Its either the very worst, we don’t care about our businesses and our clients or our jobs, or the very best – being is more important than doing and we put ourselves first by resting, and polishing off the rest of the Quality Street!

Hmm.   I’m in two minds.   Either way, you have to be there on the 2nd – or 4th in this example.   Surely you do?

What’s “slipped your mind” today and how what’s that telling you?

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  1. Jakki says:

    Welcome back Judith! Actually I did do some work on January 1st in my various businesses as I don’t enjoy sitting around doing not very much if I can help it.

    But I agree about your tradesman, that is no way to carry on and does not guarantee future business

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