Not a Wimpy Coach

Another testimonial has flooded in, this time from Sam who is a long-time and loyal client in Club 100.

Sam Dounis & Kimber“You are so kind, generous, and abundant.  Thank you for keeping the faith in me when I didn’t.  And thank you for continuing to hold it in a safe place for me to access when I need it.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having you as my coach. I feel truly blessed.

The 30 Day Challenge helped me prove to myself that I could write, and it also brought you into my awareness.  I remember listening to the tele-seminar you did about making money from doing what you love and thinking “Wow!  She knows her stuff” and maybe I can do this. When you replied to something I asked in the forum I remember feeling so honoured.

And when we had that first Entrepreneur of the Day call I knew I wanted you to be my coach.  I couldn’t believe my luck when you replied that I was in to Club 100.  Thank you for your unfailing, unwavering support, and for being kind with backbone. I really couldn’t handle a wimpy coach.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, you deserve all good things xxx”

Sam Dounis, The Write Angles

If you are looking for a coach who isn’t wimpy, do please email me and let’s have an informal talk on Skype a.s.a.p. because I have a perfect package up my sleeve with a price to suit you. Investing in yourself for 2016 would make a perfect Christmas gift. Now’s the time.

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