The Numbers Are in Your Body

NumbersMost days I get the chance to work with clients and their numbers. Heaven, for a former accountant.

  • How much shall I charge for my eBook, Judith?
  • What do you think clients will pay me for my service?
  • How much am I worth?

I’m wise to them now. I ask them what they think they are worth, what the price should be, having already asked them enough information to have an answer in my own mind. I know what it’s worth, what they can charge. I want to know what they think.

They say they don’t know. I push them. “If you did know what would you charge? Just give me the number that you want to say but daren’t.” And they tell me the number I first thought of, like a Derren Brown mind trick. Only it isn’t. They know, they always know. We always know.

And the numbers game works in other ways too.

I don’t think my client will mind my sharing this story with you. We were talking about authenticity and anxiety about blogging when we don’t feel authentic. Yup, me too. She was telling me the story as it if was a choice between authentic and inauthentic, black and white, A and Z. And I knew it wasn’t. So I asked her “On a scale of one to ten or as a percentage, how authentic are you?” And she answered without a moment’s hesitation. 76.

And I asked what she’d be happy with and she said 90. And I said “So, you mean you are 14 percentage points away from being your version of authentic?” and she was obliged to accept her own gorgeousness. Yup, not all that inauthentic after all then. But the interesting part of this story to me is not my client’s authenticity or lack of it (there’s no lack), it’s about our always knowing the numbers. In our body.

I remember when I first started going to personal development workshops and being asked this question: ask your body on a scale of one to ten how bad is the problem. And I remember starting to think “Oh, purleese…” but before I could finish the sentence in my mind my body would tell me 7. I mean… where does that bloody number come from?

It just comes. Which is awesome. And very useful in EFT (tapping) where you get to measure the scale of the perceived problem before you start and after you’ve finished so that you can actually see the woo woo working. I know. Barmy. But stonking at the same time, don’t you think? Our bodies are genius. We are genius. We just don’t give ourselves sufficient credit. For anything, it seems to me right now.

In the 30 Day challenge a client was asking me to help her decide what to charge and I said “Give me the figure in your body which your gut wisdom knows already. Just say the figure in your mind/soul. There’s always one in there, then we can debate how that sounds/feels/fits in.”

I’m still waiting on her reply, but another Challenger stepped in to let me know that she likes this way of pricing and does this with the art she creates. She has a gut feel and she puts stickers on her paintings and lives with those prices for a few days. “Some stay put, some have lots of scribbles down or up and sometimes back again until it feels comfortable.” This then helps her when people ask if they can make her an offer because usually it means she can honestly say “No, I’ve considered the prices carefully and I think that’s right for the amount of time and work it has taken. Without fail people have then gone on to buy at the original price.”

See? We always know. Not for the first time this week my message is simply to trust yourself.


PS I have slightly more accountant-y and scientific ways of doing this if you are producing something where price comparisons are an issue, or you need to consider margins, by the way. In fact I can get all bean counter on yo’ ass if you want. Mostly, my clients don’t want but hey…the maths is still in there too. I’ve still got an nice Muji calculator which I use all day long every day and which I treasure. Don’t part me from my calculator. Grrr.

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