On Not Taking No For An Answer

I offer potential clients the chance to have a free wealth consultation with me on Skype before we start working together. Today I want to tell you the extraordinary story of a woman who first contacted me on 2nd November 2010 asking if I could make some time available for one of those Skype consultations.

Despite the fact that she sounded very interesting indeed, November is always one of my busiest months because I take the whole of December off and so I am always trying to wrap up a whole year’s activities within the month and when people know you are going to be away, the workload always increases. So I asked her to nudge me again in the New Year, early February 2011.

She did, on 4th February 2011, and I deflected her again, telling her I was having a gap year and just trying to wrap up one last 2010 project before I could be free to focus on other stuff.  Bless her, not one to be put off, she emailed a third time on 1st November 2011 nearly a year later to the very day from her first request.

This time I was writing a book with the NaNoWriMo challenge, that of writing a book within the month of November. Since I had only started that day, I asked if she could give me three weeks to get the new daily writing habit under my belt and do you know? She only did!

Which meant we finally spoke on 29th November 2011. If I were her I would probably have tired of asking and getting such an unpromising series of replies from me. I wonder how she knew I meant yes, but just not now as you keep catching me at a bad time?

This is such a shame, although everything is perfect just exactly as it is, because when we eventually spoke we hit it off like a house on fire and are now enjoying working together. I am learning a lot from her too which is currently one of my criteria for working with clients.  I believe this partnership will be life-changing for both of us. Magical, in fact.

I love learning from clients and what I learned from this story is that perseverence is vital. If you feel someone has the answers you want and need, ask, ask and ask again.

For me perhaps the best thing is that my new client is also an action taker.   On the very first day we eventually spoke, once I discovered what her area of expertise is, I sent her a snippet I had cut out of the paper (which I do with lots of my clients, ideas for blogs and so on). She took immediate action (which most of my clients do not) and wrote and published a blog post on that very topic.

That was on the Tuesday, and by Friday of that same week, her blog had been picked up by an prestigious international online newspaper who asked her to become one of their bloggers!

  1. Ask until it is given
  2. Take immediate action, whatever little thing you know to do
  3. Repeat (if necessary) until you achieve the desired outcome.

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