One Busy Entrepreneurial Week: Inspiring, Uplifting, Empowering

A friend emailed me yesterday to say I’d been quiet in my various online groups, what was I up to? I wrote back a longish email explaining. I thought I’d share it as there’s some learning in here, mainly for me.

I begin and end every day with journalling. I start in the morning by writing my daily 750 words on Then I follow this up with my Abundance journal which I have been writing for most, if not all, of 2012. I end the day with writing up my Pray Rain journal.

At some point during the day I fit in somewhere between 20 minutes and an hour and 40 minutes of meditation. One of these can be done while falling asleep if necessary. The 20 minute one is from Wayne Dyer, a companion meditation to his I AM Wishes Fulfulled book which I am studying right now. This book draws on The Moses Code by James Twyman who created the meditation for Wayne and also Three Little Words by Uell S. Anderson. The longer meditation is by a lady called Kelly Howell who created The Secret Universal Mind Meditation based on the Three Little Words book, and this is the one I listen to while falling asleep if I run out of time.

This week Marion and I challenged our blog partners in The Blog Partnership to write every day, but aim for only 150 words. I love a challenge, me, and so had to rise to it myself. I blogged 6 times here on this my own blog, in accordance with the challenge, keeping them short. And I wrote 5 times on Entrepreneur Soul, getting a couple in the bag for future posting there. Our blog partners get a review of their blog every term and we attempted one of those yesterday but Skype let us down and after about an hour struggling, we abandoned the call.

Three clients and colleagues visited me this week and a handful telephoned. Visiting colleagues and clients took up about two days between them, vital meetings with business partners which led into social stuff too, getting me to bed long after midnight on Tuesday. Follow-ups with visitors and telephone clients take time as I source links to resources I have promised to share and follow up to help them make contacts I have recommended.

I found time for some accounting this week. My usual monthly accounting for myself and my business took a couple of hours and I also sent my year-end trial balance for one of my businesses to the accountants so they can be getting on with their work.

As a writer, I like to keep up with what other bloggers are writing so I put in the hours there, along with social media marketing especially getting reacquainted with Face Book after a break of 18 months.

I am studying how to publish on Kindle with Ryan Deiss’ NOBS (Number One Book System) and writing with Joshua Fields Millburn of The Minimalists. Although my writing course with JFM doesn’t start until 13th October, there have been two pre-course assignments this week, one with a list of required and recommended grammar books!

I’ve processed over 700 emails Monday to Friday, over 500 in and only about 175 replies. Good ratio.

Marion helped me to create a business plan for myself for the next six months which still needs some delicious tinkering from me, all of which will be pleasurable.

We are in the middle of rather a lot of good TV in the UK right now, and fortunately for me we are coming to the end of lots of good drama which means my commitment level can reduce. ┬áThe thing for me, now that I am back “at work”, is not to commit to any new series in their stead although this will be tricky since all my favourite US programmes I watch online return in the next week – Greys Anatomy, The Good Wife and Homeland. Not to mention Strictly Come Dancing which is, well, just a stress right now to be honest with you, since it requires a massive commitment time-wise. And The Choir, cried all the way through that one this week.

In and amongst all of this, I realised that Thursday 20th September would have been my father’s 90th birthday, had he lived.

There’s a week for you, for me. Can I keep up that level of busyness? Yes. Is that desirable? No.

Did it feel like what I aim to leave my clients with after a consultation – Inspiring, Uplifting, Empowering? Yes.

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