Opportunity: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Six

Old-fashioned MicrophoneAs I look at my diary for the upcoming week I notice there’s an abundance of new opportunities.

Someone is coming to spend the afternoon with me on Tuesday. Although our paths have crossed once or twice, I don’t really know this woman at all or her me. So we are spending an afternoon hanging out on a voyage of mutual exploration in my lovely garden. Hmm, I see rain is forecast. Never mind, that won’t dampen our enthusiasm for each other or for the new and, being the optimist that I am, I shall expect the weather to miraculously clear up so that we shall be able to sit in the garden after all.

Then on Wednesday afternoon I am being interviewed – twice!

The first interview is for an American lady called Christi Daniels who wrote to me after I blogged about the importance of putting ourselves first for a change in Stop Being So Nice. Christi’s program is called Self-Full Living and I will let you know when my interview goes live. It’s always lovely to be contacted via my blog to be an expert on an audio interview; that’s my favourite way of reaching new people and adding value.

My second interview is with my old business pal and partner Nicola Cairncross for her podcast at The Business Success Factory. Nicola wants to talk about my business mind, my business marketing and my business money. Since those are my three favourite topics and they chime with Nicola’s too, that should be a good ‘un. Same deal, I’ll let you know when it goes live.

What else is new this coming week? I’m having tomorrow afternoon off to go to a new restaurant with my best friend to celebrate her 50th birthday. Her choice, it sounds both alarming and perfect. I wonder if that isn’t the very quintessence of a new opportunity? Let’s hope so!

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