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Christmas Present Wrapped in Gold and Silver 2000When I was ten or eleven, I got into my first big trouble with my Dad, for refusing to be confirmed. I think it was my first rebellion. Oddly, I’ve turned out to be very spiritual indeed, I even like a bit of church and I love sacred music and pretty much all church buildings. So, with hindsight, it was a strange choice for my proto rebellion. My Dad wasn’t particularly religious but he was most definitely against rebellion. He was a conformist and his immortal words at the time are still etched on my memory: “If you opt out of this now, you’ll be opting out of things forever”. Never a truer word; I’m even wear those words with pride. Conformist maybe, predicting the future definitely.

And so to today’s topic – opting in, specifically to people’s websites, blogs and lists.

As you will know, we are typically tempted into joining someone’s list with what is referred to as a lead magnet or ethical bribe. What this means is that you give me something digital in return for my most precious of jewels, my email address and permission to market to me for life or until I unsubscribe, whichever is the sooner.

Lead magnet. Ethical bribe. YUK! In consultation with clients and colleagues recently we’ve agreed that we don’t read them. Either that or we opt in to get whatever it is and unsubscribe immediately. So what’s that all about then? Nonsense, that’s what. Complete waste of time and energy and so many of my clients are bound up in creating the perfect digital thing when we could be thinking more creatively and more abundantly.

My client Sarah-Jayne has come up with something lovely. She calls the digital thing she gives to you her e-gift. Now that’s more like it, she’s making you a gift not thinking of you as a lead she has to magnetise or bribe. She’s giving to you, she wants you to have something lovely. What a splendid energy to bring to list building!

And my other client Alice has come up with a beautiful idea too of something she is going to give those who opt-in at her new website. I’m not telling you what is is and spoiling the surprise, I shall leave Alice to do that when she’s ready. All in good time, the best things are worth waiting for.

Inspired by these two lovely ladies I’m going to be switching my opt in shortly too. Since nobody reads my freebies, I’m going to be giving prizes instead. I love a raffle, me. So I’m going to be putting together a list of lovely things and pulling names from a hat and dishing our valuable prizes to those who read my newsletter. The list of prizes will include things you can enjoy yourself or things you can pay forward if you prefer – Amazon vouchers, Wealth Profiles, gift vouchers to spend with me on coaching/mentoring/listening sessions, invitations to Cashflow games, three months’ membership of my starter business group and so on.

I can’t bear it when I see things not working and I love this idea of gifts. And what fun to be giving prizes too! That’s something I could change the habit of a lifetime for and become an opter-in. My Dad would like that.

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