Oscars 2018: My Annual Film Marathon

My annual film marathon is underway, with the intention of seeing all the important ones before the Oscars 2018 on 4th March.

Here’s my film wishlist and how I’m doing so far:

  • Call Me By Your Name – Lovely. Lush. Love. Where on earth have I been? This is an impossibly beautiful film, a feast for the senses, to look at, to listen to, to feel, to remember. And that Timothée Chalamet is awesome. How old is he? He was also in Lady Bird, see below. TC is my current winner for the Oscar but then, I  haven’t yet seen Phantom Thread.
  • Dunkirk – not mad keen to watch this one but my nephew says its worth it, and he knows film. I’m still shirking Dunkirking.
  • The Post – loved it, Meryl, Tom Hanks, The Washington Post, ranted about it on the podcast this week (for transmission on Friday 26th Jan)
  • The Shape of Water – people I rate are raving about this, I’m struggling to make myself watch it.
  • ***Three Billboards Outside Ebbing – my fave so far, hope it scoops the pool, will be staying up till 5 a.m. to ensure that***
  • I, Tonya – excellent, only halfway through as yet as it’s quite a hard watch but some brill women in it
  • Lady Bird – also excellent, that Saoirse Ronan – wow!
  • The Greatest Showman – yeah, I’ll get to it but when… when… when…?
  • All the Money in the World – how much money is enough? When you are John Paul Getty, the answer would appear to be none, you can never be too rich, even to the extent of not paying the ransom demand for your fave grandson unless it is a tax write-off. Part of me hopes this film isn’t terribly truthful, although I suspect it is. Kudos to them for re-shooting every scene with Plummer as Getty in lieu of Spacey. That seemed like almost every scene to me. And Kudos to Mark Wahlberg for doing something to even up the disparity between his pay and that of Michelle Williams.
  • Molly’s Game – toptastic fun, I really like Jessica Chastain, Idris is always easy on the eye and Aaron Sorkin, I’d walk and talk with him anytime, a real hero of mine on the screenwriting front
  • Phantom Thread – looks a bit dark. Daniel Day-Lewis can sometimes be a bit worthy, can’t he? Complained at 15 minutes. Abandoned at 33 minutes. No intention of returning to PT, it’s Marmite though. Friends are saying they loved it. Susie-from-Manchester is saying it is 2 hours of her life she can never get back and we are both frantically hunting for films with Dull DD-L in that we like (My Beautiful Laundrette, A Room with a View and My Left Foot). Susie agreed that they were films we loved in which Dull DD-L just happened to be, not that he made the films or anything, they did OK despite him! LOL.
  • Darkest Hour – Churchill (again) but… Gary Oldman. Met him once. Sigh. He’s great. So proud of him, a Brit done good in Hollywood. OK, seen it now. A tour de force, but he won’t be my favourite for the win. Controversially, I am not sure this film added anything to what I already knew about Britain’s Darkest Hour but perhaps it is Churchill and WW2 history for a younger generation?
  • Roman J. Israel Esq – Denzel, not seen it yet but have to see all Denzel movies. OK, seen this one too now. I could watch Denzel in anything and this one has the unexpected bonus of Colin Farrell but again, like Gary O, Denzel is not MY winner this year.
  • Victoria & Abdul – Judi Dench plays Queen Victoria. Again. But I’m in. I find her life/age/career inspiring.
  • The Leisure Seeker – yes, this sounds right up my rue, Helen Mirren, Donald Sutherland, Key West (been there but not in an RV)
  • Battle of the Sexes – I liked it. Steve Carell and Emma Stone playing Bobby Riggs & Billie Jean King in a historic tennis match
  • Baby Driver – yes, but it’s got Kevin in it but people raved before that news broke, while we were innocent
  • Mudbound – I know I’m not going to like this, but it’s got to be done (haven’t watched Get Out for that same reason)
  • Downsizing – Matt Damon, I’m mostly a fan of his work, some of it spectacularly so
  • The Florida Project – seen it, hard to watch, gritty, real, whatshisname was ace in it, Willem Dafoe
  • The Mercy – Colin Firth, Rachel Weisz, more than enough talent for me
  • Wonder – Julia Roberts; as a pal once said, “if it’s got Julia in it and it makes you cry, that’s just how we like our movies.” True dat.
  • Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool with Annette Bening and Jamie Bell. Can’t wait to see this one.

What have you seen?

What did you like? Why?

What’s missing from my list, given that the Oscar nominations are only rumours so far? Golden Globes and BAFTA though provide Big Clues.

Will continue to update as I progress with this annual marathon project which I absolutely love. It is my labour of cinephile love.

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