Outdated Business Models

imac-606765_640On today’s episode of the podcast, we debate Outdated Business Models and whether or not someone is creeping up behind you with a better way of doing the things your business does.

We talk about photographers, graphic and interior designers, cleaning, publishing and property letting agents. No need to be scarce because modernisation and change is all around us all the time, and quite slow… but do keep an eye out!

  • Whose businesses were impacted by Uber and AirB&B? Could they have seen that coming?
  • If you are an in-room trainer or consultant, is it time you considered webinars and Skype?

Before we get into the meat of that conversation we talk about creating an Over-Achievers Downtime Club as I explain to Nicola about my new initiative for 2016, Digital Detox Fridays entirely offline, and she wonders what on earth I am doing with myself. I explain. Thinking, mainly!

Discussion turns to the cutting of overheads, the dance of signing up new clients, how people are strange, Snapchat, Gary Vee, Adele, making sales and financial freedom.

Words of the Week are Listen and Trepidation and we are impressed by Rhian who has her first London exhibition, and Moonclerk.com which does the sort of techie things that Nicola loves, recurring and one-time payments and in different currencies too, although you will need separate accounts for that as Nicola explains.

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