Pushing Through the Point of Pain

Woman Doing Sit-ups --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisAn idea is the sexy bit, the high. And we are addicted to the high. But there’s no profit in the idea alone, the profit is in pushing through the point of pain, the money’s in the follow through.

With my clients I always start with their idea, to audit whether or not it’s a good one. But our real hard work together is taking their business from concept to it actually happening in a way which supports them with money coming in from sales of their product or service.

When we are excited by the idea, we tell the world about it because we are on that high. But then almost immediately we lose faith in our idea and get confused about which actions to do next and in what order, despite that often being a logical chain of events. We are fearful it will not work, so better to let the idea sink without trace perhaps than offer ourselves up to the ultimate test – will our tribe like it enough to pay us money for it?

It is even possible to lose faith or interest in an idea once it is already up and running, to go cold on it.

There are a million ‘what ifs’ which stand between us and our best outcome and I encourage clients to simply put one foot in front of the other, take baby steps towards the desired launch and push through the painful bits, one day at a time. Who knew that owning and running your own business might involve pain?

We do get used to this pain and frankly it lessens so as to be not painful at all. It is challenging, but then so it going every day to a job you hate and you’ve already ditched that pain for another, refreshing sort of pain, one which involves a learning curve, that of learning how to be your own boss.

So, really all you have to do is push through, as with anything you know already, like going to the gym or giving up a bad habit or – dare I say it – having a baby. There’s a small amount of pain (relatively speaking) for a bundle of joy. My businesses have always been my babies and they have brought joy as well as heartbreak. There are certain working days in my life when I have had to be very brave indeed but it is all character-building and I wouldn’t swap that for the world.

There are lots of other people pushing through the small business pain alongside you. It’s helpful to know that if lots of people can do something a little bit painful for a short period of time, then you can too. If you’re anxious about any pain, keep your eyes on the prize. Dieters keep their eyes on their goal weight and push through a little pain of denial to get to a place which is more important to them than where they are now. It’s an analogy (and not a very good one because your business is likely to work better than any diet) but one that’s heartening.

Heart has a lot to do with bravery; someone reminded me recently – when I was using the word encourage – that courage comes from the French word for heart – coeur. If you love your business idea with all your heart, then pushing through a little pain is nothing. I will encourage you, as your coach, and so will the supportive community of entrepreneurs I shall connect you with. It is helpful to know we are all in it together and we will help you make light of any pain and keep you accountable to your plans as you take your idea all the way.

However your pain is manifesting, perhaps as fear, push through it, you’ll be glad you did and the rewards will be well worth it. I know that for a fact having done it multiple times myself and helped many more people to find that sense of achievement too. How brave are you? Shall we find out together?

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