Paula Gardner on Chaos Theory: Podcast Ep 202

Today we feature one of our listener guests. It’s Paula Gardner who Nicola and I know from way back when she was a PR. Like me being an accountant, I suspect you can never get the PR out of the girl but these days she’s a Business Psychologist and she tells us the story of how a random date challenged her to pursue her childhood dream of studying to get an MA in Business Psychology, a story she told on my blog too.

Paula talks to us about Chaos Theory which leads on to a discussion of Happenstance Theory too. WOW! Deliciously mind-blowing.

Paula’s an interesting woman, always was, always will be. And I know this because when I lived in Canary Wharf, she and I used to meet up once a month or so in a three-woman dining club. Our third was Heather Waring who was also a fairly recent guest on Own It! too when she taught Nicola and I how to pee in the wilderness, so you can imagine what fun those dining gigs were.

Clients of mine have followed Paula’s PR advice to the letter and it worked spectacularly well. She’s written a couple of books I always recommend if you want to do your own PR.

LISTEN HERE TO PAULA on OWN IT! the Podcast 202: Chaos Theory 

In other news, Nicola is alone again as sister Sarah has returned to the UK but not before leaving a lovely parting gift of a clean and tidy of the house so that Nicola feels on top of her chores. For now, she’s enjoying a quiet week though her dining club re-opens now that the summer season is over in Stoupa.

I tell Nicola about my happy return trip to London (good omen), helpful neighbours, lovely farewell visits to Holistic Helen for a mani/pedi and to hairdresser Anita who turned my white and grey hair into metallic silver. It gives the effect of making me look younger; oddly I was going for the opposite, silver all over. But I fear this may have opened the floodgates to many a colourful hair experiment but only if I can find a hairdresser as wonderful as Anita in South East London. Any recommendations?

We talk about NaNoWriMo. She’s in and I am lingering delicately on the edge as at our recording date on 1st November.  Nicola’s stolen a march by writing nearly 5,000 words of the 50,000 during October! Annoying, since I normally like to be the one who’s ahead.  She’s been on a writing sprint day with her Write Club and spent the time zapping writing-based tolerations and investing in another good tidy up and some stationery purchases.

In turn, my fire has been fuelled by further incoming SEO-based client leads, both while in the hairdresser’s chair! This time I am better prepared to induct clients who come to me “cold” in this way and looking forward to talking to two London based businesswomen this week and next.

Our words of the week are Autonomous (hers) and Budget (mine). I tell her than when I was an accountant I used to love the Budget which happened on Monday this week in the UK, and that I had rather a soft spot for Chancellors of the Exchequer way back then too, a little idiosyncrasy I have lost in the intervening years. Probably just as well as people used to take the **** out of me about Leon Brittain and Nigel Lawson, one of whom has disappeared without a trace and the other turned into a climate change denier and a Remainer who is now applying to permission to live in France. #Turncoat (and that’s a polite word for it). I’m alright, Jack. Pull the ladder up behind.

I go a bit more political too when I explain that a pensioner isn’t someone old, or someplace we are decades away from. A pensioner is a woman Just Like Judith who was denied in the Budget in favour of fixing potholes. Honestly, do not start me. DO NOT START ME.

In project updates, I am taking a few days off to get settled in my new home and unpack, something I was unable to do due to a shortage of space in my last billet but since I am to be here for six months, I’ll be all over that in the coming days. Nicola talks Libsyn and iTunes to me as she continues to experiment by putting Own It! into a new category, that of Health: Self Help. Let’s see. We made it to New and Noteworthy there at any rate.

Finally, I tell her why I am impressed by Helen and Anita and how they helped me to realise that what’s important to me wherever I live is my support systems (Go, Ocado!). And Nicola has been part of the Write Club team interviewing self-published fantasy writer Peter Flannery who has sold 40,000 books, a prospect which I remind Nicola is both cheering and inspiring for her too.

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