People Will Pay You

a cash giftPeople will pay you for what you are good at. People will pay for your expertise, industry, labour, diligence, skills and talents. People will pay you to do the things they don’t want to do. People will pay you, period.

Market yourself as a doer of things that others don’t want to do or can’t. This is a viable business model, this is what all businesses are. I was an accountant for twenty years on precisely this basis, good at things others were not. The same could be said for my gardener, my hairdresser, my caterer, my party planner, my cleaner, my VA. And for every single business on earth, in fact.

Yes, we could all learn to do everything but we don’t want to and there aren’t enough hours in the day. We prefer to be doing our own things, those that we love.

People will pay you less for the things you are not very good at than for the things you are, but they will still pay you for anything you are prepared to do that they aren’t. All of us are good at or prepared to do something. Sell it. People will pay you.

Focus on marketing the things you are good at and love to do and we will want you to do those things for us. This is the essence of every good business. Ka-ching!

There are exceptions but I’m not going to spoil this blog with that sort of thinking. Trust me, the things you are thinking about offering? They are not the exceptions. ¬†We’ll talk about those later. Just for now, offer me something and I will either buy it or point you at a market that will.

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