Perseverence: Podcast Ep 158

Perseverance is our Focus of the Week today. When will you persevere and push through with something you are not enjoying? Nicola and I have been talking about books during the week and I would finish any “hard” book if I felt it was improving or good for me in some way if I were committed to my book club (although I have made the odd exception there!) and for the win. There’s a sense of achievement for me which always feels marvellous after it stops, the book I mean, not the sense.

Nicola doesn’t necessarily agree and is bailing on a book I have recommended. She says she gets her sense of achievement from her work, as do I, and doesn’t need it from her leisure time too. Since we are both emerging as writers, I’m about to become a first-time author, and she’s just had a short story accepted to appear in a book by Daphne Kapsali we debate the pros and cons of persevering for the win.

She’s less keen on this concept than me. We disagree about what is good writing and what not, and I remember after the show that I love something called Because I Said I Would.

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In other news, our words of the week are Myriad (mine) and Doughnuts (hers). We explain why!

I’ve been learning about Facebook Ads this week with Julia Bramble’s 4-day Learnalong, and Nicola’s had a short story accepted for a book by Daphne Kapsali. She updates us about the impending Write Club podcast and tells us about her pal Pete Jenkins who’s asked her to help with some Facebook Ads for his Brighton conference. She’s remembering how creative doing ads can be and enjoying that.

My fire has been fuelled by all the Lumen5 videos I am creating every day and absolutely loving because they are so fast and easy and such fun to create and share. I just take a blog post or a piece of copy by its URL or put in some words, match them to pictures of my own or from the Lumen5 library, ditto music, add my own branding et voila! They are eminently shareable and during the recording of today’s show I had a bit of a flash about how I can use them and after the show, Nicola gives me some tips about creating three custom audiences, including one where people have watched up to 50% of any of these videos.

We’ve nothing much to report this week on our own respective projects, but I remind Nicola we did achieve some good results last week on iTunes with our two new categories. However, we’ve decided not to let our heads be turned by this because it doesn’t yet appear to translate into extra listener downloads which are our current stated goal, and I remind her that seven days is far too short a period of time for us to be measuring our new marketing initiatives for the podcast, or for most things of a business nature for that matter.

I am impressed by Rick Stein’s cookery travelogue on BBC called The Road to Mexico and Nicola loved Harry Styles on last week’s XFactor.

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